How Old is D.Va’s Overwatch 2

How Old is DVA Overwatch 2: You can compete in thrilling bouts against other players in a wide variety of multiplayer games. One of the most well-known hero shooter games is Overwatch 2, and such games are renowned for their characters. One of these heroes will be the subject of our discussion today. This article will explain D.Va’s age in Overwatch 2.

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 How Old is DVA Overwatch 2
Old is D.Va’s Overwatch 2

Who Is D.Va in Overwatch 2?

You may be familiar with some of the fantastic and well-known characters from the Overwatch series. D.Va, one of them, strikes me as being extremely fascinating. We’ll thus chat about her today.

D.Va is a former professional gamer from Korea who now controls a massive flying mech. Hana Song is her true name, and she has a sizable fan base. She reportedly defeated a lot of formidable foes and honed her piloting skills. She functions as a mobile tank in the game who can both deal and take some damage.

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Since the game’s release, users have had many various inquiries about the Overwatch characters, with D.Va’s age being one of the most often asked. So, we’re going to tell you about it in this tutorial.

How Old is D.Va in Overwatch 2?

Since D.Va is one of the most well-known Overwatch characters, many players are curious about her age. Our knowledge indicates that D.Va is 19 years old. She is a young adult who developed into a fierce fighter and beat many opponents.

There are numerous fascinating facts regarding the Overwatch series, and we would be delighted if our articles might teach you something new. Wishing you luck in your upcoming bouts!

D.Va’s Playstyle In Overwatch 2:

D.Va feels essentially the same entering Overwatch 2. She now has the passive ability that lowers all knockbacks, just like all other Tanks. Taking damage will also reduce the amount of Ultimate charge she has. She can easily fly around and defend her team from all sides by picking off any flankers trying to breach her backline and peel for her Supports thanks to her mobility.

D.Va’s capacity to survive has increased as a result of her current forced solo Tank status. She now has a mech health of 650 as opposed to her regular health of 350. She is forced into the front line as a Tank to support her team in capturing objectives and defending them from the opposition.

D.Va is still a great choice against long-range hitscan characters like Widowmaker, Ashe, and Hanzo because she can get right up in their faces and land some critical hits. She can also still be employed in a dive composition.

D.Va’s Abilities:

Fusion Cannons/Light Gun:

When D.Va is inside her mech, fusion cannons serve as both her main weapon and her primary method of charging her ultimate attack. These never need to be reloaded, but if players use them repeatedly, they will slightly slow down their mobility. In the event that D.Va is expelled from her mech, her only armament is the Light Gun. She can continue the battle while gaining Ultimate charge for Call Mech.

Defense Matrix:

Using Defense Matrix creates a three-second-long visual matrix in front of D.Va that serves as a defence against incoming shots. It is D.Va’s alternate fire, and she can use it to defend herself or her friends. Beam weaponry like Winston’s Tesla Cannon and Zarya’s Particle Cannon cannot be used with Defense Matrix. Additionally, melee attacks from heroes like Brigitte and Reinhardt cannot be blocked by it.

Self Destruct/ Call Mech (Ultimate):

D.Va’s recognisable Ultimate power is Self Destruct. Using it forces D.Va to overcharge and eject her mech, which eventually leads it to explode. It works best when teamed with boosters to launch her mech into the air and detonate it on the foes below, causing over 2,000 damage and, if timed correctly, practically a sure kill. D.Va can summon a new mech by using her Light Gun outside of her mech by gaining Ultimate charge. As she climbs inside, it will crash to the ground, causing AoE damage to any opponents caught in the impact.

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