Fortnite Vivica Saint – Saint Academy Quest Pack

Fortnite Vivica Saint: A Fortnite Outfit from the Saints School collection is the Vivica Saint Skin. This aesthetic has surfaced, and maybe it won’t be long before you can buy the skin! The first time Vivica Saint appeared in the game was in Fortnite Section three Season 4.

To acquire her Vivica Saint skin & her exclusive quests in Fortnite, purchase your new Saint Academy Quest Pack.

Epic has been regularly adding frightening Halloween-themed stuff to the Item Shop as parts of Fortnite 2022. Last week, there will be a tonne more.

Fortnite Vivica Saint
Fortnite Vivica Saint

Fortnite Vivica Saint What’s within?

The Saint Academy Quest Bundle goes on sale on October 24 at 8:00 PM ET. Here is what is contained:

  • Vivian Saint’s attire.
  • Back Bling from Saint’s Legacy.
  • Pickaxe with High Stakes.
  • Package for Saint Academy Quest (Up to 1,000 V-Bucks unlock).

According to its description, Vivian runs Saint Academy—well, her family dominates, but she is extremely well-like. Utilize your Saint Academy Quest Bundle to finish quests and earn V-Bucks.

Price of the Fortnite Saint Academy Quest Bundle:

This Saint Academy Quest Bundle is available from of the Fortnite Item Store for $7.99 USD or its equivalent in your currency.

Unfortunately, you can’t buy this bundle with V-Bucks; you can only buy it with real money. On November 20, this will leave our Item Shop.

Sadly, since you can only buy this package with actual cash, you can’t get it with V-Bucks. On November 20, it’s going to be removed from the Thing Shop. After buying the quest pack, carry out the following quests to receive up to 1,000 U t:

  • To earn 100 V-Bucks, successfully complete daily reward objectives.
  • To earn 200 V-Bucks, accomplish five daily reward objectives.
  • For 300 V-Bucks, accomplish the 7 Daily Reward Goals.
  • To earn 400 V-Bucks, finish the 10 daily reward objectives.

What Saint Academy has in Fortnite:

Even if the flavor text for the daily extra goals occasionally borders on the corny, it does offer a few genuine chuckles. And the connections to Victoria Saint have supporters jubilant. This is a result of one of their regular goals, which is to “don’t discuss” their “disappeared” sister. The amount of narrative Fortnite can fit into even the smallest patches is frequently astounding, rewarding experienced players.

Also, even if it may have been more, the $1,000 in V-Bucks is a kind gift. Considering how very much Fortnite already does to celebrate Halloween, the task bundle is a welcome surprise. A new Fortnite Fillies teaser and the most recent update, which includes werewolf and horror favorites like Ash Williams, were release only a few days ago.

Leaks & Updates for Fortnite’s Vivica Saint Academy:

The upcoming task pack for Fortnite has been thoroughly revealed due to a leak by iFireMonkey. The leak includes screenshots of how the entire set will look in-game as well as what gamers may anticipate as goals. On schedule, the new Saint Academy Quest Package will arrive on October 24th, 2022, and be available until November 20th, 2022.

Normally, the Halloween season is greatly enhanced by the vamp beauty products, with their amusing Saint’s Inheritance bat wings with her High Stakes collection gear. They are noticeable enough during the game without becoming extremely disruptive or noisy.

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