Apex Legends Eclipse Patch Notes Season 15, New Map and More

Apex Legends Eclipse Patch Notes: The beginnings for its newest character will be established in Apex Legends’ 15th season, Eclipse. Which will also delve deeper into the backstory of one of its most well-known characters. This is due to the fact that the Boreas constellation, the destroyed home of Seer and his new opponent, Catalyst, will host the Apex Games.

With Broken Moonlight, the fifth royal rumble map since Apex Legends’ 2019 premiere, Boreas gets its close-up. It takes place on Cleo, a moon mentioned in Seer’s mythology. Boreas’ satellite was split in half by a catastrophic meteor impact, which is what causes Cleo’s surface to reminds and destructive meteoroid showers.

Apex Legends Eclipse Patch Notes
Apex Legends Eclipse Patch Notes

Soon, Apex Legends Season 15 will be released! However, they must make room for the upcoming big thing, just like in every Apex Legends Season. There remains time to complete Apex Legends as it is right now. But here is everything you should know about the start of Season 15.

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Release Date of the Eclipse of Apex:

Beginning at 12:00 PM CT on November 1st, 2022, Apex Legends Series 15: Eclipse will debut.

New Legend Apex Legends Eclipse Catalyst:

With Season 15, a brand-new Legend named Catalyst the conjurer will join the game.

The names of her skills, albeit nothing is known about their characteristics, are as follows:

  • Utilizing Piercing Spikes as a tactic.
  • Barricade, a passive capability.
  • Dark Veil, a last feat.

In Catalyst, you summon ferro-liquid, use it as fireballs to hurt and sluggish enemies, strengthen existing structures, and build brand-new ones that can build a real-life liquid wall for both you and your adversaries. Check out the recently released playable teaser or the liftoff trailer to get a glimpse of Catalyst’s role in the story and to watch her in action.

Apex Legends Eclipse New Map:

‘Broken Moon’ is the name of the brand-new map that Apex Legends will be receiving during Season 15. This new map is plann to offer a range of locations and landscapes, both local. Or extraterrestrial, and is describ as a terrain deformation project just on the moon, on a comparable scale to World’s Edge.

The new Zipper Rails are a notably game-altering feature to Broken Moon. Similarly to the ziplines that are scatter throughout Apex’s other map, only motors so that you ride it from POI to POI.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, this might be a very useful approach to face challenging tasks or just to go from one place to another. With Zip Rails, you can perform all the same tasks as you could with Ziplines, but much more quickly.

Shattered Moon, a massive battle royale map from season 3, is “approximately the scale” of, though not slightly greater than, World’s Edge, according to Shaw. Shaw stated last week in a press briefing stated “we feel like the same scale really gives a better survival for the rhythm and feel of a gameplay and the player count.” On Broken Moon, there are 14 significant landmarks that are individually appropriate for a fierce and decisive gunfight, he claimed.

With Zip Rails, an mapping element that functions like the current Ziplines but on a wider scale. Players can travel quickly between Broken Moon’s POIs. To “mix up the typical flow or atmosphere of a match,” according to Shaw, designers created the Zip Rails.

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