Timed Strike Training Gotham Knights Knighthood Challenges

Timed Strike Training Gotham Knights Knighthood Challenges: Gotham Knights is currently out, and if you’re a fan of DC or simply appreciate video games that are based on comic books, you’ll likely be picking it up through WB Games Montreal. The previous title from the studio, Batman: Arkham Origins, was the second one to be based on a DC franchise.

The game Gotham Knights, on the other hand, has no link to the Arkhamverse and offers a brand-new tale in which Batman has passed away and you take on the role of one of his four former proteges. As the heroes work to restore order to the chaotic streets, the game takes place in a genuine, breathing Gotham City.

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Timed Strike Training Gotham Knights
Timed Strike Training Gotham Knights Knighthood Challenges

The Knighthood questline is one of the many extracurricular activities that are included in Gotham Knights. This article will show you how to easily overcome this very simple obstacle and grant your characters access to several traversal abilities. Learn more by reading on.

The Knighthood Challenges in Gotham Knights

You’ll be given this side task to accomplish after you’ve finished Gotham Knights’ prologue. You must successfully accomplish these challenges to receive those, as well as access to the Knighthood skill tree, and the traversal skills of each of the available characters.

You must finish three tasks to fulfil the challenges for each of the four playable characters—Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood, and Robin. You will then have access to Red Hood’s Soul-Hop, Nightwing’s Glider, Robin’s Teleport, and Batgirl’s Glider.

How to complete the Knighthood challenges

The Knighthood challenge in Gotham Knight has three sections, the first of which is the main one. You must finish the Timed Strike training at Belfry to get started. After stopping ten Premediated Crimes, you’ll need to go outside to battle three mini-bosses.

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Below I’ve given a brief guide for each of these sections:

Timed Strike Training

If you wish to learn more about the battle system in Gotham Knights, you must finish this tutorial training module in Belfry. Timed Strike is essentially critical hits from the Arkham series, in which you time your subsequent strike to land precisely when the previous one did. It may be found under Advanced training in the training simulation.

One Step Ahead

You must first educate yourself about premeditated crimes in order to prevent them. So go into the city, apprehend goons, and question them to find out what their plans are. By stopping these crimes, you’ll be one step closer to earning Knighthood. This will reveal hints about the crimes that are about to happen.

Against All Odds

It could be difficult to locate the three mini-bosses. The game because they occasionally appear when preventing a planned crime. Alternately, you can take on the tale missions. Which typically include one or more mini-bosses; beat three of them to reach the first level of Knighthood.

After finishing all three, you’ll instruct to go to Batman’s memorial in the Belfry. After a brief cutscene, the characters’ respective skill trees and their ability to traverse the environment enable, so go have a look.


The Knighthood challenge has a little more support, so the Gotham Knights won’t let you go so lightly. Before it can mark as finish, you must unlock three abilities in the talent tree. Feel free to unlock the abilities if you have the required skill points, or you can continue with the main plot to earn more EXP before obtaining the skills needed to complete this questline.

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