Hunt Showdown Beetle Damage – Complete Details

Hunt Showdown Beetle Damage: Crytek officially revealed what exactly gamers of Hunt: Showdown may anticipate from the new Stalker Beetles after teasering fans about the insects. The next 1.10 patch, which is now being tested on Hunt: Showdown’s test server, includes the new flying “character.”

The Stalker Beetle consumable is operated by a Player in first person view and serves as a reconnaissance tool, as stated in the post. Bloodline Rank 15 unlocks the Stalker Beetle, which you may use for $45 in in-game currency. Additionally, it is lootable in the new Cocoon. The Beetle is activated by tossing it like a stick of dynamite and, coincidentally, can be set off to harm rival players.

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Hunt Showdown Beetle Damage
Hunt Showdown Beetle Damage

The player cannot move or take any other actions while the Stalker Beetle is active, and they are visibly open to assault. The Beetle can be turned off by bringing it back to the ground so that the player can pick it up rather than blowing it up. The Beetle can be taken by other players for their own purposes as well.

Players can employ the Stalker Beetles to find monsters and spy on other Hunters, but keep in mind that they can interact with the environment and create noise on anything they touch, scare crows and horses, and set off traps, so it’s not quite a silent camera.

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The Hunt: Showdown 1.10 patch contains the standard modifications and bug fixes, as well as changes to weapon pricing, trait point costs, and map spawn spots and landmarks. It isn’t simply devoted to the Stalker Beetle.

Showdown update 1.10:

Update 1.10 for Showdown is now available. And it’s a big one because it gives the survival game’s arsenal access to a possibly game-changing new consumable. The Stalker Beetle is essentially a drone that you may fly around with to find other players. The update also adds a brand-new “questlines” system. Which will provide players of Hunt: Showdown some fresh opportunities to earn temporary prizes.

The Stalker Beetle is an item that you can find in the environment; it can be looted from cocoons. At Bloodline rank 15, you’ll also be able to purchase the beetle. Which you can then add to your loadout for 45 Hunt dollars. In either case, you throw it to activate it, and your perspective will change to include your new flying friend.

The beetle can be used to scout out complexes:

The beetle has its restrictions, just like everything else in Hunt. But it may be utilised to scout out complexes and spot bosses or other players. You obviously can’t control your character while controlling the insect. Leaving you open to attack from anyone who discovers you. The beetle also buzzes audibly as it flies and will buzz even louder if it knocks against something or the environment.

After you’re done, the beetle has two options. It can either fall to the ground and then be picked up and utilised by another player. It can be exploded, damaging everyone nearby. You can strategically close gates or open shutters by using this feature because the explosion is strong enough to move moveable items like door cranks. If you drop it in the water or if it passes through a cloud of choke smoke, it will deactivate.

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