Hunt Showdown 1.10 Update New Features and More

Hunt Showdown 1.10 Update New Features and More: On Steam, PlayStation 4, and Xbox, Showdown released Update 1.10, which added a whole new questline structure, the “Stalker Beetle” consumable, new weapon charms, and the eagerly anticipated Billy tale. Through a Twitch Drops campaign that is currently active and will run through October 20th, players can unlock questlines and special gifts.

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 Hunt Showdown 1.10 Update New Features and More
Hunt Showdown 1.10 Update

Stalker Beetle:

The Stalker Beetles are bred to participate in both fighting and exploration as the keepers’ guardians. They can also sacrifice themselves to set off an explosion that injures nearby living things. The Stalker Beetle is a tactical sandbox tool that can be utilised in a variety of ways, including to look behind walls and scout ahead before infiltrating compounds. The Stalker Beetle will also be affected by some active qualities, giving gamers a tonne of new tactical possibilities.


The new Questline system is also included in update 1.10 for the game. Periodically during the year, different questlines will be made available. Enabling players to gain exclusive in-game gifts by performing various tasks. Twitch Drops offers the first questline, “Billy & the Stalker Beetle.” The Questline token can be unlocked by those who watch qualifying Hunt Twitch streams for 60 minutes.

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From October 12 to 20, the Twitch Drops promotion will be active. Anyone is welcome to participate and stream, and anyone who watches the Night of the Hunter livestream will be eligible to win an exclusive prize (Bloodshot, a Hand Crossbow). The Billy tale, a rare Legendary Hunter that was only accessible through Twitch Drops in 2020, the first of the game’s weapon charms, and much more are additional goodies.

About Hunt Showdown:

Hunt: Showdown is a match-based competitive first-person bounty hunting game that captures the excitement of survival games. The game, which is set in Louisiana in 1895, combines PvP and PvE features to produce a very tense experience. Every Hunter on the map poses a threat, not only the monsters.

12 players compete against one another in a match of Hunt’s original game mode as they rush to slay horrifying monsters for a bounty they must collect and escape the map with. In Hunt’s quickplay option, lone players can compete for a smaller pool of rewards in a shorter match while scavenging for weaponry. The return increases with risk, but a single error might wipe out all of the gains. Hunt is currently accessible on Xbox, PlayStation, and Steam. Visit for additional details.

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