Online Friendship Tower of Fantasy – Complete Details

Online Friendship Tower of Fantasy: In Tower of Fantasy, gaming with friends offers a variety of advantages. After finishing the first few mission steps, you will begin running across other people in the open environment. Like any MMO, the game can play alone, but working with other people will enable you to take on challenging open global monsters. How to play Tower of Imagination with friends is covered in this guide.

Online Friendship Tower of Fantasy
Online Friendship Tower of Fantasy

How to Form a Group in Towers of Fantasy with Pals:

Tower of Fantasy does not immediately allow you to play online with friends or add friends. You must finish the prologue after selecting your wanderer. You can add gamers as friends and compete online with them when you have access to other people in the open environment. Keep following each quest stage after establishing your character. You will notice other people exploring the wide area once you have your jetpack.

You may click on online players to play with someone, and you’ll present with a number of options. Once you’ve added them as a buddy and they’ve accepted your invitation to join your team, move on to the next stage. By selecting the “Friends” tab from the in-game menu, you can access your friend list. Your friends’ character profiles and additional options will appear when you click on one.

To form a group and invite people to it, use the invite to team button at the bottom of the screen. A team option will appear on the right-hand side of the screen after your buddy accepts the invitation. Your team’s information, including members of the party and their corresponding ranks, will be displayed.

You can roam the open environment and engage in team combat as soon as you form a team. While story missions will place each player within their own solitary instance, quests can be completed in groups. Once the story task is finish, your buddies will reappear in the open world.

In Tower of Fantasy, how Do You Add Friends Online?

You may see other players all across the map once you’ve obtained the Jetpack from Shri. To add someone as a friend, all you have to do is approach them and tap on their character. You will see the following choices when you click on some other player’s character: Scuffle, team invitations, friend addition, blacklisting, and reporting. Once they accept your buddy request, you can ask them to join a team.

To view all the pals on your list, use the Friends tab from the game’s menu. By selecting the Search & Add option from this point, you can send a connection request. The Agree to Add option allows you to accept connection requests in a similar manner. From this section, players can also message their pals. In-game groups that you form with a handful of your friends are also an option.

In Tower of Fantasy, you can examine the team’s specifics and go on adventures with your buddies. It is best to invite friends before taking on a challenging game boss. Players will receive benefits when they work together to fight opponents. There are some missions that may accomplish with friends, despite the fact you are unable to complete plot tasks with them.

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