Friendly Sand Rabbit Puzzle Solution Vera Tower of Fantasy

Friendly and Rabbit Tower of Fantasy: The Friendly Sand Rabbit Tower of Fantasy is the article’s subject. The Tower of Fantasy Version 2.0 Update went live yesterday, October 20, 2022, at the same time as the new Vera Sector map was revealed. The desert map is one of the game’s biggest elements, along with the all-new Land of Sand storyline, in which we will receive Friendly Sand Rabbit Tower of Fantasy.

The Ruby Simulcra is one of the focal points of the most recent release, and Ruby has a brand-new matrix to support her. Along with the new content, the game’s other bugs were also fixed. Let’s look more closely at where we can find Friendly Sand Rabbit Tower of Fantasy & Version 2.0 Vera Update.

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Friendly and Rabbit Tower of Fantasy

Friendly Sand Rabbit Tower of Fantasy Update for Vera 2.0:

In the brand-new region of Vera, which is composed of a sizable desert, is the contrasting cyberpunk city known as Mirroria. Compared to the magnificent settings of Aesperia, Vera’s environment is far more bleak. Here, players can get caught in a similar disorienting sandstorm and need to reach safety. Areas covered in quicksand can be dangerous and have to be avoided. The local foes include sandworms, nightmare creatures, and red-flame lizards.

According to the game’s makers, once players have explored 40% of Vera’s map, they will be able to open enigmatic doorways leading to worlds that seem to be identical but are fact extremely different. Greyspace Fissures are the name for these doors. There are also what are known as Greyspace Entities, who are formidable foes similar to Abyssants.

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These are authentic planet bosses like Rudolph, a metallic moose-like creature with lightning-summoning skills, and Magma, a huge, scaled death machine with wind and sand abilities. We shall learn where to find Friendly Sand Rabbit Tower of Fantasy in the paragraph below.

Where is the Faerie Sand Rabbit Tower Located?

You may locate the amiable Sand Rabbit Tower of Fantasy in Spacerift-Magma Lair. Just a little bit of searching will lead us to the Friendly Sand Rabbit Tower of Fantasy, which is located 400–500 metres away.

As the game’s new desert map, Vera Sector, has cyberpunk cities like Grayspace and Mirror City. Prior to the Cataclysm, the lost continent of Vera was under the jurisdiction of the Seventh District of Hykros. The country’s terrain is dominated by enormous deserts.

Pyramid-like structures have also been discovered, indicating that the new continent had a climate similar to Egypt. The bulk of Vera’s population is said to reside in a region called Mirroria, despite the fact that human activity may affect most of the planet’s surface.

What Should We Do With the Friendly Sand Rabbit Fantasy Tower?

There are many different riddles in a Tower of Fantasy game, such as rabbit, plant, sand rat, and others. The black nucleus, gold nucleus, and DC awards are among their possessions. How to fix every TOF Vera 2.0 issue. Our Friendly Sand Rabbit Tower Of Fantasy requires the emoji to be used in conversation in order to interact with this rabbit. If we don’t nurture the Friendly Sand Rabbit Tower of Fantasy, there won’t be any reaction. We need to perform the proper sign in order to obtain Black Nuclear.

It is required to locate the spot where the distinctively coloured sand rat will finally switch holes from hole 1. Choose which hole is home to the unique mouse model. The Cactus Fruit has a Black Nucleus, a puzzle where we can use Flame or any other fire-related weapon.


Vera, the game’s first substantial update, is now available for free download via Google Play. The App Store, or the official website of Tower of Fantasy. Members of a Steam community can download and play the whole game as well as the recently released Vera expansion starting yesterday, October 20, 2022.

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