WOW Dragonflight Tank Tier List – Complete Details

WOW Dragonflight Tank Tier List: Based on the talent trees that each of these lads has, the Dragonflight tank tier list was compiled. The list will soon change; it is not static. Deliver the player, not the class is a catchphrase that means to place more weight on the player’s skill than that of the class. Here is our ranking of the top tanks in Wow Dragonflight.

WOW Dragonflight Tank Tier List
WOW Dragonflight Tank Tier List

The level cap in Dragonflight will rise by 70 points, marking the first rise since the degree squish in Shadowlands. A redesigned user interface and a two-branch talent tree structure will also be included in Dragonflight. Classes in role-playing games decide what armor and weapons a player can wield as well as what skills, spells, and powers they will learn.

There are various classes available depending on your race. Your race limits the class options you have. As a character develops, they can specialize their skills by allocating class talent levels with one of three different talent trees. Every class has a unique talent tree. Which class is the best then? You’ll need to have the WoW Dragonflight level list to be aware of it.

Tier list for WoW’s Dragonflight:

B Tier

Class Type
Warlock Ranged
Monk DPS, Melee, Tank
Death knight Tank

A tier

Class Type
Priest DPS
Rogue Melee
Shaman DPS
Hunter Ranged

S Tier

Class Type
Druid Melee
Warrior Tank
Mage Ranged
Paladin DPS, Tank

List Of Tank Tiers For Wow Dragonflight:

Blood Death Knight

Blood Dead Knights come first. Good self, massive damage, and solid single-target are all strengths of this tank class. These specifics are what make it such a strong choice. Compared to other tank classes, Blood Death Knight is weaker. This is an A-tier course.

Prot Warrior

Significant improvements were made to Protection Warrior that improved his survival. Warriors are capable of escaping peril and have significant physical damage. The only people who can be useful in groups focused on doing physical harm are the Warriors. This class merits an S-tier ranking.

Guardian Druid

A flexible tank class with outstanding utility and power output is the Guardian Shaman. They have the top defensive cooldowns for individual players in the game. Of all the tanks, the druid deals the most AoE damage. The Pagan is included in the A-tier.

Brewmaster Monk

Brewmaster Monk is extremely versatile and mobile. The Brewmaster class is excellent against severe physical damage, making it the second-best tank spec. One drawback is that they are susceptible to magical harm. The Head brewer Monk, however, is a well-deserved S-tier.

Patty Prot

Prot pally has a good healing rate and deals fair damage. This class does indeed have a lot of potentials, but it wasn’t upgraded. This class will therefore be placed just on the C-tier list because it remains unchanged and requires improvement.


One of the best vehicles in the games is the Vengeance Demon Hunter. It is a respectable class that shares a slot with Brewmaster and Prot Warrior. It has excellent utility, healing, and AoE damage. The drawback of Vengeance is that they consistently have survival issues.

The Dragonflight tank level list is shown below. Right now, it appears that the Prot Warrior and Vengeance are the best talent trees in terms of design. This is our analysis of the tank ranks, however as many of these talents are still updated in Dragonflight, you do not necessarily need to decide what class you will play.

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