PUBG Mobile Global 2.3 Update Release Date, Time, Patch Note and More

PUBG Mobile Global 2.3 Update Release Date Time Patch Note and More: The Battle Royale mobile gaming subgenre underwent a transformation in 2018 with the release of PUBG Mobile. Since then, the game has been incredibly popular thanks to the numerous players who enjoy it worldwide.

Tencent Games, the game’s creators, has consistently worked to include fresh features that would improve the Battle Royale experience for players all over the world. To do this, they periodically release new upgrades that add new features, modes, themes, events, rewards, goods, and more.

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PUBG Mobile Global 2.3 Update Release Date Time Patch Note and More
PUBG Mobile Global 2.3 Update Release Date

Players are currently enjoying the ongoing 2.2 upgrade, which includes the new NUSA map in addition to many other interesting improvements. The 2.3 updates, however, is already being pushed for by many supporters.

When can PUBG Mobile players expect the upcoming 2.3 updates?

The next 2.3 release will be the year’s sixth and last significant upgrade. The update will probably be made available to players worldwide between November 11 and November 15, with November 13 being the most likely day.

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PUBG Mobile 2.3 update release time on November 13 in different regions:

  • angladesh: 6:00 am
  • Nepal: 5:45 am
  • England: 12:00 am
  • Pakistan: 5:00 am
  • USA: 7:00 pm on November 12 (New York Time)
  • Russia: 5:00 am – 6:00 am
  • Indonesia: 6:00 am – 7:00 am
  • Japan: 10:00 am

The new Cycle 3 Season 9 and the Month 17 Royale Pass are probably going to be launched on November 20. The current Cycle 3 Season 8 Month 16 Royale Pass, however, will expire on November 19. The aforementioned schedule was chosen since all the major improvements are frequently performed about a week before the start of the next season.

On the other hand, in a few recent updates, it seemed to take several days for the key updates to spread across multiple locations and devices. As a result, it is likely that the engineers will distribute the upcoming 2.3 upgrade gradually over a number of days.

When downloading the update when it becomes available on their device. Players must also retain enough free storage and data accessible. They must also tell their in-game buddies to take the same action, as the game does not permit players from different editions to engage in combat together. Remember to use the official APK, the Google Play Store, or the App Store to download the game as well.

How to Download PUBG 2.3 Update Version? 

Article Name PUBG M17 Royal Pass Release Date
Name of the Game PUBG Mobile
Type of the Game Multiplayer Survival Game
Launched on 23 March 2017
Name of the developer KRAFTON, PUBG Corporation, Tencent Games, KRAFTON, Inc.
PUBG 2.3 Update Release Date 20th November 2022
Official Website PUBG Mobile
PUBG 2.3 APK Size 1.91 GB

Players of PUBG can, as usual, download the game’s PUBG 2.3 update from the Google Play Store or the App Store. They can download and install the PUBG 2.3 version as an Apk from websites that will be larger than 700 MB.

Will PUBG 2.3 Update Come Out & Release Officially? 

While all PUBG, PUBG Mobile, and PUBG lite aficionados are celebrating the game with regular M16 Royale Pass prizes, 2.3 update leaks. The next scheduled PUBG 2.3 M17 Royale Pass awards, it’s horrible for all Indian BGMI gamers, users, and players for the time being.

BGMI 2.3 won’t be launched since Krafton hasn’t yet made BGMI available to PUBG players in India. We can only hope Krafton releases the 2.0 BGMI game sooner.

We’ve come to the end of our article at OP regarding the PUBG 2.3 patch update version, PUBG 2.3 update version release date, PUBG 2.3 leaks, features, rewards, and changes. The official PUBG 2.3 update patch notes are now published here.

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