Madden 23 Season 2 Not Working – Fix Now

Madden 23 Season 2 Not Working: Has the developer, EA, addressed the current Madden 23 Season 2 not working issues yet? Players have been experiencing headaches and trauma ever since the second season of MUT NFL 23 went live, particularly when trying to acquire field pass rewards and other issues specific to the Madden NFL 23 Season 2 game’s edition.

Madden NFL 23 reports an improbable number of interceptions, getting kick out of solo games, trade block issues, competitive field pass rewards, and field pass troubles all pile up for the game’s second edition. In Madden NFL 23 also has numerous layers to its workings.

Madden 23 Season 2 Not Working
Madden 23 Season 2 Not Working

To be more specific, the second season of Madden 23 NFL has gotten off to a terrible and nightmare start. Hopefully, Electronic Arts’ developers can act quickly enough to give fans a single update that resolves all of the concerns with MUT 2.

Fixing Madden 23 Season 2’s malfunctioning – All Steps to Fix the Field Pass Reward Bug:

Players are baffled by the numerous faults that have started to crop up in Madden 23 Season 2, especially with the field pass feature and its associated awards because it also has some bugs. The MUT leaks team has provided some advice on how to quickly fix the current Madden 23 problems.

Fans of Madden 23 are most concerned that the servers are not honoring their field pass rewards, and this issue has grown even more serious recently.

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Players are not receiving the field pass prizes even after completing over ten successful competitive field passes because EA has not yet repaired the competitive field pass.

More on Madden NFL 23 Season 2 Not Working and Field Pass Rewards Bugs!

Many Madden 23 players couldn’t even reach level 2 for the MUT season 2 edition, and some aren’t receiving the season 2 XP and awards. Some aren’t even receiving their team’s field pass.

Even the servers for Madden NFL 23 Season 2 are unable to maintain player progression or keep track of their levels. Later, the EA team admitted as much and assured players that they would be providing all awards and experience points for Season 2 of Madden NFL 23. Additionally, according to leaks, a competitive field pass is currently safe for Madden 23 players to continue.

With field pass prizes, bugs, broken gaming modes, server issues, time-outs, and many other things, Madden 23 season 2 gameplay is currently at an all-time low. For all of the Madden NFL 23 enthusiasts, it is hoped that EA engineers will totally fix the broken awards for comp field play. Additionally, the Madden 23 Twitter account warned fans not to halt or resume the game if a console problem occurs.

For the most recent information regarding the status of Madden 23 not working for season 2 and all the bugged rewards issues relating to the competitive field pass elements of the game, check out the Twitter account it MUT leaks.


Here are the problems with Madden 23 Season 2 not working and their fixes according to Official Panda. Contact EA’s technical support team if you continue to experience any problems while playing Madden 23 season 2 or look into all available fixes, particularly for the competitive field pass-bugged rewards.

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