Goofy Gravestone Fortnite – Now Available

Goofy Gravestone Fortnite: Recently, prominent Fortnite YouTuber Glitch King and others discovered how to knock The Foundation’s statue to the ground. It was already in danger of annihilation before the approaching battle season could even begin.

Strangely, rather than being a part of the island, the statue was placed as a resource. Players had little trouble moving the statue using Chonker’s Tires.

Sadly, the enjoyment was brief. When Epic Games learned about this error, it was quickly corrected.

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Goofy Gravestone Fortnite
Goofy Gravestone Fortnite

However, because of their excellent rapport with the community, the developers chose to honour the bug. Chonker’s Tire stacks have been put inside and around the base of the statue following the 19.40 update.

This memorial, in the opinion of many players, is the most like Chappadoodle’s Gravesite from Chapter 1. Even though this tiny game element is intriguing, Glitch King’s usage of tyres in battle is hilarious.

A Fortnite YouTuber demonstrates using Chonker’s Tires to eliminate Opponents

In Fortnite, Glitch King is well-known for his bizarre and outrageous behaviour. As the name implies, he collects and discovers different game glitches. These are noted by the developers, who then provide hot-fixes to solve the issues.

He expressed appreciation for The Foundation’s statue tribute in a recent video that was posted following the upgrade. He promised to use Chonker’s Tires to get kills in his follow-up remark.

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Although the comment appeared to be a joke, he was able to defeat his opponent by utilising just tyres after two failed efforts. What he did was as follows:

  • Engage in a build fight with an opponent
  • Build as high as possible with any material available
  • Build an open ramp to bait the opponent
  • If they take the bait and rush, throw a Chonker’s tire at them
  • If the tire makes contact, they should be thrusted into the air and free fall into the ground

Is using Chonker’s Tires a viable strategy for Fortnite Chapter 3 battles?

Without a doubt. Although the method is enjoyable, there are a number of factors to consider. To begin with, if fall damage is insufficient to finish out the adversary, they have the option to re-engage or flee.

If the foundation of the building is composed of wood, it can be burned down or demolished using explosives. The player will then suffer fall damage as a result, and they might possibly lose their life. A significant issue is the skill gap.

While this tactic might be effective against the ordinary Fortnite player, skilled opponents won’t reveal themselves during a build-fight. They will make sure their sides are secured even as they construct vertically.


Due of this, it will be nearly impossible to surprise them, and the player will probably lose. The type trick is humorous overall, but its drawbacks make it difficult to use during a fierce battle.

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