How to Get Suppressor Perk in NBA 2k23

Get Suppressor Perk in NBA 2k23: With numerous featured players, NBA 2K23 has already released a lot of intriguing packs. Right now, a pink diamond version of Michael Jordan is part of the Silencers set.

There are two other Jordan cards that players can acquire in addition to this 95-rated version. The Silencers set also includes 94-rated copies of Paul Pierce and Baron Davis. As well as a pink-diamond replica of Boston Celtics star Jayson Tatum.

Naturally, player packs are pricey; the average cost of a pack is exactly 11,250 VC. As a result, gamers are constantly searching for free packs to pick up in the hopes of finding the top players. The locker codes for NBA 2K23 that are currently playable are examined in this article.

How to Get Suppressor Perk in NBA 2k23
Get Suppressor Perk in NBA 2k23

NBA 2K23 Silencers pack Locker code:

The locker codes for NBA 2K23 haven’t been released in large quantities all at once. The only player pack-related code to date to be made available in the game is the locker code for the Silencers pack. Locker codes must be used whenever they are available because they are getting harder to find.

Gamers can subscribe to a variety of websites to receive the most recent locker code information. Players can only access packs once with the current locker code. This indicates that while they have a possibility to get one of the best cards in the pack, they are not assured to get one.

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Simply input the locker code in the corresponding field in the MyTeam or MyPlayer game mode, as appropriate. The locker code for the Silencers pack is listed below:

MYTEAM-SILENCERS-PACK-3HWPC As previously noted, using the locker code above will get players access to one Silencers pack. They may also find a regular card in the pack.

NBA 2K23 MyTEAM Silencers Pack Players and challenges:

The pack’s trump card is the “Michael Jordan Pink Diamond,” while the “Silencer Pack” has some of the greatest NBA players in history.

He is followed by the “Pink Diamond Jayson Tatum,” a small forward and starting shooting guard with only two cards. Players should obtain these cards as soon as they become available. As a result, they will only be available on NBA 2K23’s “MyTEAM” for one week.

These packets are available for up to 15,750 MT (MyTEAM coins) or 11,250 VC (Virtual Currency) each pack. There are also further bundles available. The price of a 10-pack box is 99K Virtual Currency, while the price of a 20-pack box is 198K Virtual Currency.

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Skill challenges and locker codes:

Players can complete a three-part challenge included in the “Silencers Pack” for more rewards. This frequently happens with the majority of the new packs that NBA 2K23 releases on “MyTEAM.”

The ‘Silencers Challenge’ must be won by the ‘Amethyst Silencers’ team in a semi-pro ‘Triple Threat’ match. This is the first challenge in the “Silencers Pack.”

Players must earn 21 points in the “Triple Threat” game created by the “Diamond Silencers” theme team to triumph in this “Silencers Challenge.” Together with a teammate, they must also make three 3-pointers and two dunks. The second “Silencers Pack” challenge is complete with this.

Players are required to score 10 fast break points and two team dunks in order to win the “Players in the Silencers” Challenge. Additionally, they must compete in an All-Star format game versus the “Silencers theme team” across four quarters with five minutes between each.

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