How to Get 2nd Weapon in Scorn

Get 2nd Weapon in Scorn: Players in Scorn can arm themselves with a wide variety of weapons. Use this list to learn about the weapons found in Scorn, as well as how or where to obtain them.

Please take note that I gave the names of the weapons since they are not state in the game.

Scorn is a visually terrifying game. Scorn has a very visceral, alien, and unsettling overall experience that was influenc by artists like H. R. Users tend and Zdzisaw Beksiski. However, there are many riddles in this game. That you’ll find yourself concentrating on in addition to the amazing art and music design.

You’ll be exil to a lonely setting at the start of Act 2 of Scorn. But before long, you’ll be back within the massive structure. That once stood in the distance, battling more strange animals and alien technologies.

Get 2nd Weapon in Scorn
Get 2nd Weapon in Scorn

It can be challenging to put together each piece of the complex puzzle that is Scorn, as one might anticipate. With that said, we’ve led you throughout Act 2 of Scorn in this tutorial. Please be aware that there could be spoilers below.

How to Get 2nd Weapon in Scorn

List of scorn weapons and locations to find them:

In Scorn, weapons are dispers across the game’s environment. They are also restrict to particular chapters.

Pneumatic Gun:

the game’s opening weapon. It takes several bullets to kill an adversary because of the narrow range. The fact that this weapon has endless ammo is a saving grace. It must wait a few seconds to reload and can only hold two rounds at once. Utilize this weapon to shock opponents so you can get past them.


a first-ever long-range weapon. The handgun lets you exchange with ranged adversaries despite its average damage. Use them sparingly as ammo is in short supply.


The weapon that deals far more damage than a handgun. You can only carry so many “shells,” and it can only hold three rounds. Use this against the boss of Scorn or more difficult foes.

Firework Launcher

The Grenade Launcher, the game’s last and final weapon, is only available in Act 5. Unfortunately, you can’t use it to defeat small adversaries; it’s usually employ to solve riddles.

Scorn Act 1-2 Walkthrough & Puzzle Guide:

In Acts 1-2 of Scorn, there are a few puzzles that players must solve. The lack of specifics in the game makes it difficult for players to tackle these challenges. But don’t worry! It hasn’t ended yet. Using this guide, you may figure out how to finish Act 1 of the game as well as solve the puzzles in Acts 1-2 of Scorn.

Scorn Act 1-2 Walkthrough:

  • To go to the bottom of the power plant, exit the lift and head in one of the rights or left passageways.
  • Use the drone to interact with the terminal in order to attach the power source.
  • After installing the cell, engage with the brand-new terminal that emerged from the power plant’s base.
  • Return and enter through the central aperture on the side opposite the elevator.
  • To operate a device from the ground up, stand on the slanted platform.
  • Take anything it is from the rack, including the pneumatic pistol.
  • Use the pneumatic pistol to activate any terminals in the corridor to the right or left.
  • Get rid of opponents that are in your way. Keep in mind that you don’t have to kill them all to continue.
  • Utilize the terminals in the middle to get to the middle section and engage with the dead power station.
  • Control the drone using the terminal, then take the new cell and attach it.
  • Once you attach the cell, be sure to interact with the terminal that emerges from the base.
  • Go back to the hallway you missed. To obtain a new cell, connect with the remaining terminal.
  • Battle your way to the drone/power plant riddle.
  • To conclude Acts 1-2 of Scorn, attach the final cell.

Scorn Act 1-1 Puzzle

Power Plant / Drone Puzzle:

Acts 1-2 of Scorn are quite brief because all you have to do to start up some sort of power plant is use a drone and 3 power cells. Near the power plant, one of the necessary cells is already accessible. You need the pneumatic cannon for the final two to interact wit their terminals and combat the drones in your way.

Simply move to the opposite side of the elevator room to obtain your first weapons in Scorn. As you raise the weapon racks from the floor, stand on the shimmering platform. Use the rack to your advantage to obtain the pneumatic gun.

Use The Gun To Get The Cells

You can finally obtain the two batteries needed to switch on the power station after you have the air gun. To obtain a cell, interact with the computer at the end of each corridor while carrying the gun. To communicate with the drones and mount the cell, move toward the power plant’s base.

No Need To Kill All Enemies

Using the cell terminals causes a few flying drones to appear. These drones hurt you by obstructing your approach to the power plant. The ones that are in your way can be removed, but you are not required to get away from them all. When attempting to take out one of these drones, take extra precautions because they move around as well.

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