Select Smart Genshin Impact 2022- Complete the Personality Test

Select Smart Genshin Impact: Through a questionnaire on Select Smart, you can determine what Genshin Impact character your most resemble. Have you ever pondered which character from Genshin Impact you are most like? There is 33 range of possibilities in total. And miHoYo has given each one a special personality and set of traits. Each character gets a vocal line that describes their personality as well as their birth date and favourite meal.

Even if every one of you might have a favourite character in the game. This is a different problem with character resemblance. Remember that as you prepare to discover your Genshin Impact soul persona. On this select smart website, you may discover the Genshin Impact character’s twin, as well as your ideal Genshin Impact characters based on appearance, and much more.

Select Smart Genshin Impact

Each of the Genshin Impact banners characters has their own birthdays, favourite weapons, costumes, meals, and other characteristics because HoYoverse has added more than 33 Genshin Impact heroes to the game’s 3.0 edition to date.

Select Smart Genshin Impact: How to Complete the Personality Test

Enter the webpage for Select Smart. No login is necessary. Start your response by selecting the yellow box with a red border that says “The first selector item is below.”

There are 3 potential responses to each of the 24 questions. When you answer “No choice” to one of the answers, that topic would be ignore and will not have an impact on the outcome.

You could think that one question speaks to you more directly than another. For that, select “prioritise your decision above.” Keep everything set to “Medium” if you don’t want to delve into too much information for the quiz.

Once finished, click “Play ME MY RESULTS” at the very bottom.

Select Smart Genshin Impact: Results Described

You are directed to the search result where your character is revealed. The characters’ names are accompanied by numbers that indicate how well you resemble them. Sadly, the data only has 23 characters.

Discover more about the Select Smart Genshin Impact Characters Test!

The 24 selected smart queries regarding Genshin Impact within all three difficulties are also listed in the link above. Simply select yes, no, or no preference for all of the questions related to Genshin Impact characters, and then scroll to the bottom of the select smart page, and click the showmemyresults option to see all the protagonists and answers.

The questions of the Genshin Impact character test on the select intelligent website include, “Are you more like the traveller or the amber?” and “Which of the 24 Genshin Impact personalities are you?”

In addition to the Genshin Impact personality test, the select smart website also offers quizzes on anime, Naruto, pets, the president, and a larger range of other games.

Simply visit to access all quizzes and other polls, but if all you’re searching for is the select smart Genshin Impression personality test, the aforementioned URL should be enough.

Expect each of the HoYoverse characters, such as the newest Genshin Effect 3.0 eg actors, to be added back to the site’s character profile quiz as only 23 Genshin Effect games are now accessible there.

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