How to Unlock The Rings Puzzle in Scorn

How to Unlock The Rings Puzzle in Scorn: Scorn, one of the gorier video games of 2022, is chock-full of terrifying grotesqueries and bodily horror. It’s also one of the more opaque experiences of the year, with its initial puzzle being among the trickiest to figure out.

You are immediately thrust into the action in the prologue act; if you do not find the solution there, you will be stopped in your tracks before you have even started to shamble into the game’s core.

The story of Scorn continues to take unexpected turns, and by the time the credits roll, everything has come together to form a single, enormous, interconnected puzzle. This walkthrough will take you through the entire game from start to finish while making every effort to avoid giving away any major plot details.

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How to Unlock The Rings Puzzle in Scorn
Unlock The Rings Puzzle in Scorn

We wouldn’t want to destroy one of the best aspects of Scorn—experiencing it for yourself. However, if you’re unsure of what to do or where to go, this walkthrough covers Acts 1 through 5 for you.

Scorn Act 1-1:

Start the game and proceed along the trail until you reach the metal door at the end. Insert your arm inside the tube gadget in this area on the left side of the room, underneath the light. Turn to your right with the tool in hand. Interact with the console beside the other light in the room’s centre.

To open the door, use the right mechanism first, then the left mechanism. Before the door closes, leave the console and quickly enter. The next room will be a vast open space with a large stone structure in the centre that is surrounded by tracks on the floor and has a spiral ramp leading to its summit.

It will feel like you are moving backwards toward where you came from. But you will actually be entering a new side room if you take an instant right and then follow the rails right again.

You may see a strange chair in this area that appears to have a shovel on an arm above it. On the left side of this room, there will be an elevator; use it to ascend to a different location.

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How to Solve the First Puzzle in Act 1-1:

Follow the walkway and keep to your right to enter a big open chamber after exiting the elevator. When you reach the path’s end, there will be a console in the centre and another to the right of it. Engage the console over there on the right. Don’t worry about the middle one for now; we’ll get to it soon.

The first problem, which is a challenge, can be started by interacting with the right console. The object of this puzzle is to use the claw mechanism to catch and move two luminous eggs.  Pods from the glowing receptacle in the top left of the scaffolding to the bottom right. The catch is that nodes on the scaffolding allow you to grab and transfer eggs and pods.

Return to the centre console and start a different animation. Take the elevator back down after it is finished, then locate the chair in the central chamber. You can see the egg you just removed from the puzzle hanging overhead if you look up. With the help of the nearby crane device, lower it to the chair (operated the console is next to the chair).

Turn away from the crane console once the egg is perched on the chair and ascend to the top of the spire. Flip the rail in the bottom left by interacting with the console at the top. The chair, which is now a cart with the egg on it, must be pushed. The following device on the tracks as you down the spire. Use the console on the rail’s left side to interact with the device.


After a brief cutscene, do that and then return to the device to interact with it. After that, bring what you’re carrying up to the giant meaty door farther into the temple and take a seat on the floor-mounted switchplate there. Switch, then proceed to the door while interacting with the arm tube gadget on the right. As you ascend the stairs, use the device that is facing the door. Return to the plate, then proceed down the corridor until you reach the end.

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