How to Unlock Clocks in Scorn Easily

How to Unlock Clocks in Scorn: Today marks the release of the horror game Scorn for Xbox Game Pass on PC, and there’s a good chance that you’ll get stuck on the game’s very first challenging task.

This summer at Gamescom, we checked out Scorn, and the same thing occurred to us. Luckily, some developers were on hand to give us some guidance on what to do.

We have a feeling you may be seeking a tutorial to get you through. That initial problem is unless the game’s developers are sitting on your couch with you. If so, you can view our video explanation or continue reading for the puzzle solution in full.

Unlock Clocks in Scorn
Unlock Clocks in Scorn

How to Unlock the first Clocks in Scorn:

You have now entered a large room with a structure in the center and scattered pieces of weird technology on the floor after donning your unsettling bracelet. Next, what? To find out how to proceed.

For the time being, ignore the structure and its surroundings. Instead, make your way around the room’s perimeter until you come to a tunnel that takes you to a space with a lift.

Take the elevator up, then scan the area until you find a chamber with such a puzzles
To operate the mechanical arm that will move the nuts, use the connector on the right. Your goal is to move almost all of the nuts so that you can position an erect pair of nuts to the upper left of the table as shown:

Once the vertical screw is in place, use the left control terminal to reach over and grasp the nut that you just placed in the ideal location.

There is at minimum one dummy nut in the wall, just so you know. a cover-up. So, if the first nut you attempt to turn just breaks off upon impact, go back to the left-hand tool and locate another that is the proper form.

Use the left control panel to attempt to shift the right nut once it is in position. What fun! It will turn around and show that there is a skeletal human figure hidden inside the nut.

How and where to Solve the Madison Clock Puzzle:

You’ll someday find out it is indeed pack with clocks. There is a timer challenge there that you need to complete, of all. It might be the one that demands the most research of all of the puzzles in Madison. But then once you know what to do, the problem isn’t that tough to solve.

In essence, the space has four clocks that you can engage with. If you look carefully, you can see that they are all encircled by identically timed clocks. The proper clock face must be located and attached to each clock for it to match. The time on the clock around it to complete the Madison clock puzzle.

Use the clock face that took from the green vault to find other clocks and watches all around the house and switch them to get the clock face you require. There is a clock in the hallway where the game first started, one in the restaurant, one in the attic, and just one adjacent to the chamber with the safes next to the red light.

You can take a photo of the door in the clock room to make it open once all four of the clocks there have faces that correspond to the times on the clocks around them. You’ll discover an item there that you’ll need for another puzzle you’ll shortly come across.

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