Fall Split Suite Rocket League Rewards

Fall Split Suite Rocket League Rewards: The 2022–23 Rocket League Championship Series and Collegiate Rocket League seasons will provide additional motivation for esports fans to tune in, if the top Rocket League players’ incredible ability and heart-pounding competition aren’t enough to hook you in.

Watching official RLCS and CRL streams on Twitch gives fans the chance to earn free in-game cosmetics through Rocket League Fan Rewards. These prizes include unique decals, wheels, player titles, borders, and the recognisable Splash!

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Fall Split Suite Rocket League Rewards
Fall Split Suite Rocket League Rewards

How To Earn Fan Rewards:

The first step towards obtaining exclusive cosmetics is to link your Rocket League and Twitch accounts. To achieve this, go to esports.rocketleague.com/rewards and select the “Sign Up Now!” option in the orange colour.

After being asked to enter into your Twitch account, choose “Authorize” to link to the Rocket League Drops application on the following page. When you return to Rocket League, you can choose the platform where you want to earn awards.

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You can connect by clicking the platform symbol and logging in. Naturally, you should link the gaming site where you spend the most time since this is where your prizes will be sent. Players can, however, use Epic Games Account Linking to share these products with their accounts on other platforms.

Watch Eligible Streams:

The final step is to watch qualifying streams with Fan Rewards turned on. No need to watch the stream or even to actively type in the chat. The stream can be muted, in a background tab, or both as long as it is open.

Both the Rocket League Championship Series and the Collegiate Rocket League streams have incentives turned on as of October 2022. Both the CRL broadcast schedule and the whole RLCS schedule are available here. Be sure to catch each tournament live at Twitch.tv/RocketLeague or Twitch.tv/CollegeCarball if you can, as watching replays or VODs won’t count towards Drop progress.

Check Drop Progress and Claim Rewards:

Instead of the former chance-based system, Rocket League Fan Rewards are now time-based, meaning you’ll obtain drops after spending a certain period of time watching the streams. Click on your Twitch profile image and go to the Drops section in the dropdown to see your current progress as a percentage toward any active reward campaigns.

Once you obtain a drop, Twitch will alert you that it’s time to claim your reward. To access the Twitch Inventory Page, click the Drops section stated above. There, you can redeem your rewards.

The next time you check into Rocket League on your linked platform, your new item will be ready for you.

By finding the ongoing Rocket League campaigns in the Twitch Drops Campaigns browser, you can view more information for each Twitch Drops campaign, including the watch time requirements for each drop. You can find out exactly how long you need to watch each reward on this website.

For instance, this specific CRL stream’s rewards decrease after 2, 5. 8 hours of viewing over the course of two league evenings. Another RLCS stream had incentives for watching for 2, 6, and 10 hours.


Finally, you can exchange these goods with other players to finally obtain. Your preferred new stuff if you receive a duplicate drop or simply a drop you don’t desire.

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