Battlefield 2042 Liquidators Event Rewards – Check Out Now

Battlefield 2042 Liquidators Event Rewards: As part of today’s title update, DICE introduced “The Liquidators,” the first event for Battlefield 2042. Even though this should be wonderful news for game players, the joy soon gave way to fury because it appears that the skins shown in the The Liquidators event video can’t really be obtained without spending some real money.

I suppose I should acknowledge that the skins look good. Unfortunately, the “free track” for the event only includes one character skin, and that is for Dozer.

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Battlefield 2042 Liquidators Event Rewards
Battlefield 2042 Liquidators Event Rewards

Players are requested to earn Ribbons in the event-exclusive mode “Tactical Conquest,” which is merely regular Conquest played as 8v8v instead of the considerably greater player counts. What’s left? Yes, they are all behind a paywall and can only be purchased for a significant sum of real-world money in-game.

The only other free item, besides the Dozer Specialist skin, is a Player Card. a vehicle skin and a skin for a weapon. The bundles of the remaining items, which you can see in the featured image of this post, are all expensive.

The game’s subreddit has exploded, as one might imagine, with the great majority being unimpressed by both DICE’s inaugural in-game event and the way awards are handled.

The Liquidator Event is behind a paywall:

Therefore, it appears that the majority of the skins—which are of the highest calibre, so congratulations to the design team—can ONLY be acquired by doing so. As long as the game is good, I don’t mind the cosmetics. Compared to the other Battlefield games, 2042 has had the least amount of new content added to it.

The majority of cosmetics, including the way specialists seem by default, are designed for youngsters. The audacity to actually lock behind a paywall the first “decent” skins given the extreme lack of content this game has experienced is absolutely astounding.

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Even worse, the “Event” is already unplayable due to problems less than an hour after it went live. This encapsulates 2042 quite well. EA only cares about making money and has no regard for its customers.

A lot of new employees who have no idea what they are doing are working in an old studio called DICE. I’m teasing each and every player with those dreadful skins. They are beautiful, but if you purchase them, you will contribute to the developers’ lack of concern for gamers. Their focus instead on revenue (most of them)

The Liquidators “Event” is nothing but a cash grab:

Consider that all we get is a gamemode, a player card, a player skin, a vehicle skin, and skins for guns and players. The rest of the worthwhile content is all hidden behind a paywall that costs at least $50.

Remember what the Battlefield 4 VIP pass offered for that cost?
20 new maps, 22 new weapons, 8 new devices, 9 new vehicles. 4 game modes, and a tonne of tasks and awards are included.

We paid $60 and up for this. Therefore it would make sense if the cosmetics were paid if the game was free to play. At debut, we hardly had any fundamental features or content, and each season is a drip feed of more material.

Given how much they hyped up this alleged “event,” as well as the paucity of available material. These cosmetics need to be given away. I was actually hoping it would be something like unlocking them through gameplay. But since 90% of the event is a paid, time-limited activity, it’s really simply an attempt to steal your money. I detest what EA and DICE have turned into. engulfed in greed while feigning concern for the fans.

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