Diwali Surprise Reward Coming in Free Fire

Diwali Surprise Reward Coming in Free Fire: When interesting in-game events are launched during various occasions, such as Diwali Free Fire, Garena Free Fire continues to wow users.

Users are eager to see the in-game Festival of Lights (Diwali) extravaganza in October 2022. Since the developers have been celebrating Diwali Free Fire for years, it is anticipated that they will do it again this year.

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Diwali Surprise Reward Coming in Free Fire
Diwali Surprise Reward Coming in Free Fire

Even though the month has only begun, there are already numerous leaks regarding the upcoming Diwali celebration that are making the rounds online. In particular, a few unauthorised social media platforms announced several impending Diwali Free Fire-themed merchandise (besides Garena).

Diwali Free Fire Diwali 2022 Prize Leaks:

Diwali Free Fire is one of the most enduring events in the FF community. Players partake in a number of mini-events as a part of this mega-event in large numbers, and each event is associated with a variety of presents. The players delighted by any event-related leak of any form.

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Here is a list of the Free Fire Diwali events that have so far leaked:

  • Roaring Knight Bundle (male)
  • Dark Destroyer Bundle (male)
  • Eternal Descent emote
  • Mask skin
  • Roaring Flame – Pan skin
  • Claws of Fury – Fist skin
  • Roaring Beast banner
  • The Golden Tiger avatar
  • Roaring Protector Gloo wall
  • Tiger Claw backpack
  • Tiger’s Attack Grenade skin
  • Boho Dagger – Knief skin
  • The Last Roar Loot Box

According to the leaks, the majority of the skins will reflect light, shimmer with a gold motif, and feature images of tigers and their roars.

According to the mechanics of prior events, developers typically provide users with premium and standard things, which they can obtain through particular mini-events and after successfully completing specific tasks.

While ordinary things are awarded to users for accomplishing various activities including playing matches, collecting tokens, and opening chests, premium items are typically included in events that demand diamonds.

Diwali Wish and Diwali Special Mystery Shop are two famous community events. Diamond users adore this occasion and eagerly anticipate their entrance throughout the celebration.

The free Magic Cubes and Magic Cube bundles regarded as the most anticipated occasion for gamers who don’t shop. On the busiest day of Diwali, they typically arrive.

Free Fire Diwali Event Release Date Leaked:

The Indian calender indicates that the busiest day for Diwali celebrations would be October 24, 2022. As a result, the Free Fire celebration’s peak day can anticipated on that day.

Diwali Free Fire in 2021 begins on October 25 and concludes on November 11, with November 4 being the peak day. Thus, it is anticipated that the Diwali festival in 2022 to take shape soon.


Please be aware that the information and skins described above are solely based on rumours and leaks. The Diwali Free Fire 2022 event and the associated collections have not been officially verified by the developer.

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