Destiny 2 Grandmaster Nightfall Glitch – How to Use

Destiny 2 Grandmaster Nightfall Glitch: After seven weeks, the Season of the Haunted in Destiny 2’s story came to an end, but the Season is still running strong and will end on October 22. In order to offer a new experience while exploring the EAZ, taking out human adversaries, and earning a new Seal, the Solstice event is returning to Destiny 2 in a new format.

Grandmaster Nightfall’s, a high-end PvE challenge for seasoned players, became accessible yesterday, which is another factor that will keep Season of the Haunted rolling.

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Destiny 2 Grandmaster Nightfall Glitch
Destiny 2 Grandmaster Nightfall Glitch

Master Nightfall, a Because a single team wipe will send everyone back to Orbit and erase their progress in the GM, strikes are frequently thought of as an unforgiving activity. As a result, it’s frequently crucial for Destiny 2 players to have enough ammunition to defeat Champions, mini-bosses, and the final boss. In Grandmaster Nightfalls, resource management is essential, and revives come into this category. However, players have already found a bug that offers unlimited ammo and revives.

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GM Nightfalls will be back, and according to Bungie’s most recent TWAB. There will be a new feature that will let players rejoin the Strike if they become disconnected for whatever reason. Since Destiny 2 players can log back in after an error or other issue. This “rejoin” option, which wasn’t previously available, makes it easier to confront GMs.

The rejoin feature in Destiny 2 has a new exploit that enables players to return to the General Manager without needing to be resurrected and to spawn in with all of their ammunition, as demonstrated in a video posted by YouTuber and content developer Misleading.

Rejoin Activity screen pops up:

To accomplish this, players must force-quit Destiny 2 while not acting as fireteam leaders. They must then relaunch the game and confirm when the Rejoin Activity page appears. No of how much ammo a player  remaining when the game was closed. They will respawn in the Grandmaster Nightfall alive. With the same number of revives, and with all of the Special and Heavy ammo.

This implies that players may essentially always cheat GM Nightfalls by using their Special and Heavy ammo, then just logging out to reload with their full ammo. Everywhere in any GM, including boss rooms, this exploit functions.

Even so, it is feasible to finish GM Nightfalls alone, however doing so needs completely optimised builds and excellent weaponry. Despite not being a Grandmaster Nightfall. A Destiny 2 player recently posted a no-damage-taken Master Nightfall run. Demonstrating that this exploit is not require to complete difficult tasks. However, Bungie will probably need to repair it right away in order to preserve the GM experience.

Grandmaster Nightfall ‘cheese’ lets players revive with no cost in Destiny 2:

Grandmaster Nightfalls are currently  the most difficult PvE activity in the game. It demands communication between members of the fire team, ideal builds for support and DPS, and ammo economy. Despite everything, the game mode offers few revivals and, upon a wipe, launches the entire fireteam back into space.

However, until Bungie decides to patch it, a new “bug” can be use to your advantage for all Nightfalls this season. When a player dies in this game, they must immediately close it. This is possible on both PC and console, where each fireteam member must completely shut down their game after passing away.


Before the screen says “Equipment Locked,” anyone can adjust their loadout. Only the items chosen during the initial run are available in the loadout during this period. Because Destiny Item Manager cannot be accessed.

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