World War 3 Maintenance Today Server Status- Check Now

world Wr 3 Maintenance Today Server status: Modern first-person shooter (FPS) video game World War 3 allows you to play in real-world locations including Warsaw, Berlin, Moscow, Smolensk, and Polyarny. It also features online multiplayer. Farm 51 produced and distributed it.

World War 3 is accessible to Windows users. And since its release in 2018, the game has grown quite a bit in popularity in the gaming business because to its advanced ballistics system and many customization options.

However, video game has also been giving players a number of issues. among them is poor audio quality, invite issues, matchmaking issues, and website issues, to name a few.

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World War 3 Maintenance

However, to deliver the most latest software updates, and maintain stability. Avoid frequent downtimes, game developers routinely do server maintenance.

However, it appears that players weren’t entirely ready for the most recent World War 3 server repair.

World War 3 ‘[151] Something went wrong’ error:

Within a few hours of the update, many World War 3 players started to encounter a problem that prohibited them from playing the game (1, 2, 3, 4). Although the error message reads “[151] Something went wrong,” some customers claim to have been stuck on the “Initializing interface” page.

Just a few hours ago, the servers ought to have been brought back online. Support informed users that the maintenance was complete, so support.

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It looks that the most recent server repair caused more harm than good because players can no longer access the game itself.

Fortunately, World War 3 support acknowledged this issue right away. In response to a complaint, they said that the staff is working to make repairs. However, there is no ETA for the cure.

Unfortunately, you will have to wait until developers come up with a permanent fix. There are no temporary fixes that we’ve discovered for the World War 3 “[151] Something went wrong” problem.

We’ll keep an eye on the most recent developments involving this bug and update this story if and when we learn anything crucial.


First, you can see problem 40302 when trying to launch the game. It’s unclear exactly what’s causing this, but since players are unable to open the game. A launcher issue appears to be the cause. It has been discovered in a Steam discussion thread that removing your saved profile info can fix issues, however, it is not universally effective.

Second, getting into a match is quite tough, and tales of seemingly interminable wait periods are prevalent since so many players are having problems starting the game. Then, when you eventually launch a game, you can get the dreaded initializing interface screen. This screen loads briefly before failing and prompting you to try again, at which time the game closes and you must repeat the entire process.

As a result, the game’s most current Steam reviews are predominantly negative. The majority of reviewers mock all these problems. The community page is flooded with suggestions for repairs. Most of them only work occasionally and are therefore not very helpful.


Although the servers are constantly maintained, the issue doesn’t seem to be getting better. Players are understandably impatiently waiting for a resolution. Although it’s not impossible, it must happen quickly. Because the likelihood of World War 3 ending in a drawdown is dwindling by the day.

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