Overwatch 2 Bastion Hero Removed

Overwatch 2 Bastion Removed: The canonical team of Bastion and Torbjorn will be unavailable to Overwatch 2 players for an arbitrary period of time due to problems in their abilities.

Blizzard has removed Bastion and Torbjorn from select Overwatch 2 matchmaking modes due to glitches with their ultimate abilities and Overload abilities, respectively. For how long these two will be unavailable is unknown according to Blizzard.

For the majority of players, Overwatch 2’s early access launch has been difficult. Players are now finding a variety of bugs that range in severity after initially experiencing difficulties just entering the game. While unpleasant, Overwatch 2 interface bugs and graphic issues with heroes are not always game-breaking.

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Overwatch 2 Bastion Removed
Overwatch 2 Bastion Removed

Sadly, having flaws and exploits in the gameplay can degrade the experience and offer players who use them an unfair advantage. Both of these problems affect the canonical duo of Bastion and Torbjorn.

Currently, a bug in Bastion’s Artillery Fire ultimate allows a player to cover the whole battlefield in targeting rings. Bastion’s artillery fire only has three targeting circles by design. However by repeatedly pressing the fire button, extra bullets can be fired while Bastion is in that firing mode. This has been compared by Overwatch fans to the AC-130 killstreak in the early Call of Duty games.

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The issue with Torbjorn’s Overload ability allows it to continue indefinitely if the player repeatedly presses the button. Normally, Torbjorn can benefit from this power to have extra health, move more quickly, and fire his rivet gun more quickly. Torbjorn is now more difficult to kill and a threat to the enemy because of this ability. Each of these characters are disabled in Overwatch 2 Competitive Play due to problems on both of them.

Why are Bastion and Torbjorn locked in Overwatch 2 and not playable?

According to the official Overwatch Twitter account, Blizzard has deleted Bastion. Torbjorn from the list of playable heroes in Overwatch 2 because their ability kits included problems. Torbjorn is still playable in Quick Play and can  customised. Whereas Bastion has completely removed from all game modes and isn’t even customisable.

The length of time that both heroes will be inaccessible in the game’s various modes is not yet known by Blizzard. But once they have provided an update, we will make sure to update this post with their statement. This is a strange choice because it disables one of the strongest DPS characters in the game. Might have also disabled your primary hero.

However, these bugs with their equipment were quite significant because the Bastion bug allows players to unleash an infinite number of his ultimate shots. However, Torbjorn was able to utilise his ultimate, which is also his most potent power, twice. You can see why Blizzard chose to entirely deactivate the characters given how powerful these vulnerabilities may be.


This is just the most recent of numerous issues found in Overwatch 2. These are among the earliest flaws to reported that have an impact on heroes and gameplay. Even if many of the bugs have dealt with visual defects and account problems. This adds fuel to the fire for people who have been grumbling about Overwatch 2. Despite being in Early Access, Overwatch 2’s tale already includes a variety of faults, problems, and difficulties.

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