How To Unlock The Golden Ticket In Apex Legends

How To Unlock The Golden Ticket In Apex Legends: In the game’s data fresh leaks, a new teaser event for Season 15 of Apex Legends was found that demands players to present a golden ticket.

The Fight or Fright event in October should act as Season 14’s concluding occasion because fans believe that Season 15 will start around November 1, 2022. Golden Ticket and Legendary Character Revealed in Season 15 Apex Legends Leaks

Thanks to a recent datamine. Players may now learn about a brand-new teaser event that tests them to gather Golden Tickets utilising in-game Crafting Harvesters.

Unlock The Golden Ticket In Apex Legends
Unlock The Golden Ticket In Apex Legends

Latest Update Golden Ticket:

The data mine was created using screenshots of the Apex Legends source code that were posted on SomeoneWhoLeaks’ Twitter account.

The leaker has determined that this teaser event begins “on Tuesday,” which is October 11, 2022.To create a Golden Ticket, you must use harvesters to find one (seemingly). With friends, the final portion of the teaser can be finished a few days later, possibly on October 19.

Tragically, that is all that fans actually know about the next event. About what Season 15 will bring, there is still some information accessible. The Legend for Season 15 was probably one of the personalities uncovered in more recent data miners, and many fans believe Catalyst will be the next Legend.

Naturally, it is still unclear whether or not this new map will be featured in Season 15.

Get Golden Tickets In Apex Legends:

The upcoming Apex Legends Season 15 will and is surely going to include players earning Golden Tickets in advance of the start of the brand-new season, according to the latest reports.

Although Fight or Fright was supposed to be the season’s final major event, a fresh leak has made clear a teaser for another one that might air before Season 15. Golden Tickets are said to be a part of this event.

Recent Leak Regarding The Golen Ticket In Apex Legends:

Recently It was released and leaked from somewhat trustworthy sources that released screenshots of the Apex Legends game code. Which contained a number of words that appeared to allude to the impending arrival of a new “crafting event.”

The labels “GOLDENTTICKET COLLECTED NOTIFY” and “TIME UNLOCK DAYS HOURS” were also included in the code. The leaker continued by saying that in order to participate in the Apex Legends event. You must “find a Golden Ticket by crafting harvesters.”

On Tuesday, October 11, the very first segment of the preview for the action will start. And all the players and the users of the program will be able to participate in the final segment with their friends a few days later. Most likely on Wednesday, October 19.

There is currently no additional information available regarding this event. Thus it is unknown what these Golden Tickets will be used for. Once it is known, we’ll make sure to keep you informed.

You should bear in mind that this information is based on data mining, therefore use caution when interpreting it. Nevertheless, Respawn Entertainment frequently releases event teasers prior to their arrival.

Since no other information about this event is currently available, it remains to be seen what purpose these Golden Tickets will serve. We’ll be sure to update you once that becomes known.

It’s worth keeping in mind that this information is based on a data mine, so you should take it with a pinch of salt. That said, it’s not unusual for Respawn Entertainment to share teasers for an event ahead of its arrival.

You’ll need to find a Golden Ticket through crafting harvesters (seemingly). You can do the final part of the teaser with friends a few days later, most likely on October 19th.

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