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SavinTheBees Fortnite: Epic Games may soon release a Fortnite Battle Royale skin featuring X-23. Since the game’s creators have previously worked with Marvel, including a different fictional superhero wouldn’t be a surprise.

One of the most well-known Fortnite leakers, iFireMonkey, recently sent a tweet that said Epic was preparing to include this skin in the game. There is no other information available on its inclusion or a prospective release date, though.

SavinTheBees Fortnite
SavinTheBees Fortnite

Everything we know about the Fortnite X-23 skin revealed in this article. Epic Games would probably make a tonne of money from adding another character because the Fortnite x Marvel skins are so well-liked.

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The X-23 skin for Fortnite Battle Royale would be fantastic:

Fortnite Battle Royale has more than 50 Marvel skins as SavinTheBees Fortnite of October 6, 2022. Epic introduced Gwen Stacy with the Battle Pass, and Iron Man Zero’s suit was a prize for collecting Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War comics. Two new skins have arrived with Chapter 3 Season 4 as well.

Another well-known Marvel character that is largely linked to the X-Men is X-23 (Laura Kinney). Since her initial appearance in February 2004, the character has appeared in both comic books and television shows.

Since many Fortnite players adore donning superhero skins, an X-23 skin would be ideal. Additionally, this is advantageous for Marvel because the character get more popularity as a result of being included in the video game.

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iFireMonkey unveiled a list of the returning and new Item Shop tabs on Wednesday, October 5. The skins Epic Games likely release in the upcoming Fortnite season is revealed in this tweet.

It seems that a number of well-known performers, such as Ariana Grande and Marshmello, will soon make a comeback to the Item Shop. Furthermore, for the forthcoming Fortnitemares 2022 event, Epic will release a tonne of creepy cosmetic items.

But the list also makes the Fortnite X-23 skin visible. Since every other cosmetic item is already present in the game, this is the sole new tab in the item shop. The well-known leaker has also stated that the Marvel superhero skin would probably be available in the Item Shop page.

Unfortunately, no one is aware of how the Fortnite Battle Royale X-23 skin will seem. Although the release date is still a mystery, given that Epic Games has added a tab, we may anticipate it to happen this year.

Another big Fortnite x Marvel collaboration will most likely come in 2023:

The final issue of the Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War comic book released on Wednesday, September 28. However, it appears like the partnership between Epic Games and Marvel is still ongoing.

Additional Fortnite x Marvel books released in the spring or summer of 2023, said Shiina, another well-known Fortnite leaker. Although the subject of these comics is still unknown, they will probably be comparable to those published in 2022.

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