Chivalry 2 New Map Hippodrome, New Features and Update

Chivalry 2 New Map Hippodrome: New upgrades have recently been announced in a press statement from Torn Banner Studios. The impending update for Chivalry 2 will include new areas, new weaponry, and the ability to support a full cross-play party, according to the press release.

The new map, Hippodrome, will be included in a future update for Chivalry 2. This will be a brand-new tournament map with a setting in the Tenosian Empire and a new snow and ice environment optimized for mounted horse combat.

It’s time for update 2.6! A new TDM/FFA map called Hippodrome, a dual-wielded Katar weapon, Tenosia player customization options, horses introduced to certain old levels, and more are all included in the Reinforced Update. For all the information, continue reading.

Chivalry 2 New Map Hippodrome
Chivalry 2 New Map Hippodrome

New Highlights:

  • Game Pass is now offering Chivalry 2!
  • Katars, a new weapon for the ambusher
  • Hippodrome is a brand-new TDM/FFA map!
  • significant balance upgrades in fighting
  • The Siege of Rudhelm and The Raid on Aberfell now include horses!

Chivalry 2 New Map Hippodrome Modifications

The Baldwyn Breach

  • The no-Horse version added to the 64-Player Mixed Mode matching queue.
  • A portion of the main gate’s geometry  improved to stop players from stuck.
  • Removed a hidden box containing arrow ammunition.
  • A problem, where the time would expire too soon during the first goal stage,  resolved
  • Fixed a problem with the defender spawn sequence in Stage 4.
  • Fixed a problem wherein throwing weapons in Stage 1 would cause carts to respond violently.
  • Fixed a problem in Stage 2 when Tenosians could spawn and collide with the cannons.
  • Fixed a problem where the flags would continue to display Masons after Tenosia took them.
  • Fixed an issue where players could scale Stage 4’s wooden scaffolding.
  • A Stage 4 constructible bug that allowed players to access undesired locations  fixed


  • Invisible fences have been add to limit access outside of battle zones.

The Conflict at Dark Forest

  • Spikes close to the castle gate entry have been adjusted to stop users from being stuck.


  • The no-Horse version has been added to the 64-Player Mixed Mode matching queue.
  • Changed the entrance cinematic and the starting spawns
  • A problem where robots would be idle during the first 20 seconds of offline play fixed
  • The post-match screen no longer displays an Agathian faction icon due to a bug (there are no Agathian spies in the Empire!).

The Destruction of Askandir

  • Matchmaking for 64 Players in Mixed Mode now includes the No-Horse version.
  • Fixed a problem where Mason torch carriers on bookcases would not display a HUD marker.
  • Adjusted defender battle zones in Stage 1 so they may get nearer to the Mason ships.
  • Stage 2: Enhanced capture bar to more accurately depict faction capture
  • A problem where players might cross the bridge walking on water  fixed
  • A problem where the time would expire too soon during the first goal stage resolved
  • Improvements to collisions



  • Increased XP is awarded based on how long a given match lasts.

Browser for servers – Duelyards

  • Lengthened the votekick penalty from 10 to 30 minutes.

By increasing the fine for violating the duel server regulations, which results in a votekick, we’ve strengthened the autonomy of individual duel servers. We will keep an eye on the change.

Fixes for Performance and Crashes

  • Fixed a bug that caused the player to become disconnected when holding the jab and loading the crossbow while mounted.
  • Fixed a rare problem in which a user would become locked in spectator mode as a result of damaged save files.
  • Additional accomplishment fixes


  • Fixed a problem where horses’ degree of detail at a distance was not changing dynamically.
  • The trumpet’s tendency to float in the air when used while riding a horse fixed.
  • A problem where horses would move into position after the rider dead resolved.
  • enhanced mixing of the horse head movement during strafing
  • Stirrup straps on a Tenosian horse polished.
  • When riding and dismounting a horse, additional unequipping and donning animations are added.
  • Finely animated lance jab from sofa

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