Overwatch 2 Matchmaking Broken – Fix Now

Overwatch 2 Matchmaking Broken: Overwatch 2 Matchmaking Broken: In the weeks leading up to the game’s release next week, we have been hearing a lot of information about Overwatch 2. One of Overwatch 2’s key features has now been more fully outlined by Blizzard.

Parallel 2.0 Let’s go over everything Team 4 has already said for the sake of clarity. Including changes to the skill levels and how new players will unlock Competitive.

Overwatch 2 Matchmaking Broken
Overwatch 2 Matchmaking Broken

Blizzard reorganised Competitive around a few key pillars in order to make it better.  Players who are returning from the original game: making each season unique (with things like new heroes, maps, modes, and balance changes); making sure that losing matches isn’t always a bad thing and there’s still a sense that you’re making progress; and generally improving the mode. Each season will consist of nine weeks.


How To Access Competitive Mode In Overwatch 2:

Everyone who unlocked Competitive in Overwatch will already have access to it on the day that Overwatch 2 launches. New players must go through the First-Time User Experience after registering an account on or after the Overwatch 2 release date on October 4, which will help them grasp the game.

As they play games, they will progressively gain access to the remaining 32 original Overwatch heroes. Initially, they will only have access to a small selection of characters. Kiriko won’t be available for anyone to play in ranked mode for the first two weeks.

For new players to access Competitive, they must win 50 Quick Play games. No Mystery Heroes or Deathmatch games, only Role Queue and Open Queue games, will be counted. According to Blizzard’s blog post, this provides new players time to get ready for the higher standards of Competitive while preventing seasoned players from becoming disheartened by less-experienced teammates. “We examine new player skill levels as Competitive is unlocked to enhance matchmaking in a way that feels nice to everyone,” says the developer.

Placement Matches:

Your rating won’t be determined by playing five Competitive games in each queue; instead. It will wait until you have seven wins or 20 losses before ranking you. According to Blizzard, players will likely be placed in lesser categories following their placement games to offer everyone the chance to advance up the ladder and possibly reach their true skill level.

All players that had a rank in the first Overwatch will be reranked in the follow-up. Though it’s unclear if the MMR will be completely reset. Since Overwatch 2 is a completely different game from the original. Blizzard created a mechanism that allows returning players to redefine their rank when they play in the new Competitive mode. “Since they will be learning new ideas and metas. The majority of players will discover that their rank is a little lower when they first start out. Players that participated in our beta tests or who follow the Overwatch League. However might find themselves rated higher than ever.”

Competitive Skill Decay:

Blizzard may reduce your MMR if you don’t play Overwatch 2 for a time. This will make it easier for Team 4 to evaluate your expertise when you rejoin the game. In order to help these players quickly revert to the proper skill tier division, their MMR will be swiftly modified when they participate in more matches.

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