How to Show FPS in Overwatch 2 on PC

How to Show FPS in Overwatch 2 on Pc: You recently purchased a brand-new graphics card and are interested in seeing how is the performance of the newly purchased graphic card. Or perhaps your applications are running slower than you had anticipated, and you want to attempt to figure out what’s wrong. There are several tools you may use to monitor the frame rate of your game, which can prove to be very useful and helpful to enhance your gaming performance.

Show FPS in Overwatch 2 on Pc
Show FPS in Overwatch 2 on Pc

What Is FPS

Your PC player’s frame rate, expressed in frames per second (fps) indicates the flexibility and the smoothness of the gameplay. The faster the action on the display seems. The more frames you can fit into a second. Lower frame rates which range generally and usually below 30 frames per second during the gameplay are sure to appear choppy or slow. It’s a helpful measure for assessing the gaming performance of your gear, and PC enthusiasts who want to brag about their setup frequently praise it.

However, understanding your frame rate can also assist you to make sure you’re receiving the greatest performance possible, so it’s not just about bragging rights. The fps, for instance, can also assist you in determining which visual settings to reduce to achieve the most significant performance gain if your game is running slowly.

Knowing your frame rate can help you choose the right monitor to buy; after all, there’s no use in spending extra money on a 144Hz display if your graphics card can only produce 60 frames per second in games. Monitoring the frame rate coupled with other hardware metrics, such as CPU, GPU, and VRAM consumption can even help you identify the system component that is the bottleneck and where an upgrade would be most beneficial.

Use Built-In FPS in overwatch 2:

Usually. The launcher you use to run a game allows you to keep an eye on your frames per second. Each app has a different method for enabling this function.

Even if you didn’t purchase the game on Steam. You may still use the launcher’s in-game frame rate counter to gauge performance while starting a game. Go to Settings > In-Game > In-Game FPS Counter on Steam. To activate it, choose a location from the drop-down menu. Your frame rate will be shown in the corner of the next game you begin with dark grey text.

Steps to Show FPS in Overwatch 2 on Pc

This setting is present in the majority of competitive video games for obvious reasons. Important information like FPS, Ping, and loss should always be visible.

  • Access Options
  • Go to Video > Slightly scroll down and change on “Display Performance Stats.”
  • Next, select the “+” button next to the same option.
  • From here, activate the FPS counter.
  • Continue reading if you’re looking for different ways to show their FPS.
Show FPS in Overwatch 2 on Pc
Show FPS in Overwatch 2 on Pc

How to Display FPS Using Geforce Experience:

You may also use Geforce Performance to show FPS in games if you have a new Nvidia graphics card.

  • Activate Geforce Experience
  • In the upper right corner, click the profile icon for yourself and choose “Account.”
  • Select “General” from the list on the right.
  • Find the in-game interface, then select “Settings.”
  • Select HUD Layout from the newly opened window.
  • You can set up your HUD Layout using this window. Select the counter position by clicking Performance > FPS.
    Geforce Experience has been used to enable the counter.


Q1: How to enable FPS in Overwatch 2 on PC?

Answer 1: In this article that the users can read has the solution to this issue intact which the players may use in order to get this issue resolved in no or very less time.

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