Anomalous Access Card Destiny 2, Rewards, Bug and More

Anomalous Access Card Destiny 2: The Exotic quest for Destiny 2 called Forerunner was published along with the Bungie 30th Anniversary update.

The Forerunner mission Magnum Opus, which is based on the Halo series’ Magnum, is available to all players for free, in contrast to the Gjallarhorn, which needs the purchase of DLC. Before levelling Dares of Eternity and using Xur’s Strange Key, the task requires you to first collect the returning Strange Coin cash.

Anomalous Access Card Destiny 2
Anomalous Access Card Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Anomalous Access Card Rewards

Here are some of the easiest steps to get the forerunner in the game of destiny 2.

  • Take the Magnum Opus quest back to Xur.
  • Bring in seven strange coins.
  • fulfil three or more Starhorse Bounties.
  • Obtain rank four in Strange Favour to acquire the Strange Key.
  • Inside the Eternity destination, use the Strange Key and the following path.
  • Stop by Banshee in the Tower.
  • The Full Stop perk that comes with the Forerunner allows heavy caliber bullets with greater precision damage to unshielded opponents over a wider range.
  • Unlocking the Forerunner Catalyst will allow you to further enhance the Forerunner once you have it.
  • The Dares of Eternity action, which was just added in the Bungie 30th Anniversary update, must first be finished in one round.
  • Visit Xur’s Treasure Hoard by going to Eternity, a recently added location on the Director’s screen beneath the Moon.

Destiny 2 Anomalous Access Card Bug

Speak with Xur, who will open the nearby chest after receiving the Treasure Key obtained by finishing a game of Dares of Eternity.

After you get back to Xur, he will assign you the Magnum Opus mission.
The majority of the Magnum Opus mission is focused on Eternity coins, rewards, or ranks. In summary, Dares of Eternity will likely be played quite a bit.

Visit Starhorse in Eternity first, then get seven Strange Coins. Strange Coins, a currency from the first Destiny, can be acquired in a number of ways.

Destiny 2 daily Rewards:

The following step entails finishing up to three Starhorse Bounties. We say up to three because there are three tiers of Bounties available—bronze, silver, and gold—and the faster this section of the quest is completed, the more difficult it is.

It’s better to limit your bounty selection to tasks you are confident you can complete in a single Dares of Eternity session. Even though these benefits are perpetual.

Additionally, you can only carry one at once, so pick an object you can manage easily during each round.

It’s time to unlock the Strange Key by climbing to rank four in Strange Favor once you’ve performed enough bounties. In order to level up Xur as a merchant, you must play Dares of Eternity enough times for Strange Favor to open.

Where and steps to find anomalous card Destiny 2:

You must visit the ‘patrol’ version of the Dares of Eternity region and locate the Anomalous Object after you have unlocked the Strange Key.

Turning around after entering Xur’s Treasure Hoard will allow you to enter the purple mist, which will carry you to the area beyond.
Look to your right where some triangle-shaped pebbles are located; this is where you will find the Strange Key.

The Strange Key must be used on the first of these that you visit.
If you turn your gaze toward the main area. And notice the Bungie emblem emerging from the surrounding landscape, you have come to the proper place.

There is a route to follow from here that contains a leaping puzzle. It’s not really complicated, but if it helps.
After finishing, you’ll discover something that we won’t reveal. As soon as you interact with it. You’ll be given one last mission step. Take the Anomalous Object to Banshee in the Tower so he can try to fix it.

You can get the Forerunner Exotic by going to Banshee in the Tower.


Q1: How to find the Anomalous Access Card Destiny 2?

Answer 1: In the article. We have listed the steps to find the Anomalous Access Card Destiny 2.

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