Shatterline PS5 xbox Release Date, Best Gun, Tips, Character, Sensitivity

Shatterline PS5 xbox Release Date, Best Gun, Tips, Character, Sensitivity: When will Shatterline on the PS5 be officially released? One of the most popular sci-fi video games is called Shatterline, although it has yet to be released for the Xbox One and PlayStation 5.

However, the PlayStation 5 and Xbox versions of Shatterline are now being leaked, along with information on updates and features.

Modern free-to-play first-person shooter Now that Shatterline is already creating a stir on PC, Steam, as well as other consoles, Xbox and PS5 users may enjoy this fantastic first-person shooter.

Shatterline PS5 Release Date
Shatterline PS5 xbox Release Date

Shatterline PS5 xbox Release Date

Its Shatterline PS5 and Xbox official release update are the main highlights of the current advancements and updates, which were released via the Shatterlinefps Twitter account.

Therefore, it is highly likely that the Shatterline PlayStation 5 will be released in February 2023. Yes, the Shatterline PlayStation 5 console will be released in February 2023. The official release date for the Shatterline Xbox console has been announced. While the Xbox release date is not mentioned, the Shatterline Xbox release date is officially confirmed in the same announcement.

There are possibilities for a Shatterline Xbox release date in April or May 2023, but the developers must confirm the same. To confirm the same, the Shatterline fps Twitter handle stated that Xbox release plans for Shatterline are under development. However, the ETA as well as the official release date for Shatterline Xbox can only be known in the coming days.

Shatterline Best Gun

Sniper rifle SAG-8 Reaper.

Do you desire a one-shot capable sniper rifle? The SAG-8 Reaper fits the bill thanks to its potent damage stat. Additionally, it has a fair range for a sniper rifle, albeit its targeting abilities and stability might be enhanced.

Shotgun R21 Brute.

Shotguns frequently have a low rate of fire and significant damage. The Brute is an excellent shotgun because of how quickly it discharges.

Culverin, U44 – Sidearm

If you want a pistol with great damage and range, the Culverina revolver might make a difference. It is slightly offset by having one of the shortest reload times in the game—just 1.7 seconds.

Shatterline Best Time and Tips:

The Killing Camp:

Next, the best course of action is to conceal behind a corner once you’ve been able to locate your opponents’ footsteps. Make sure to choose a place that will bring you closer to where your adversary is and enable you to destroy them more quickly.

Make careful to choose a location where the opponent will have no chance to see you at all.

Renew When Necessary:

Sometimes one of the enemies you are fighting will kill you or a member of your team. When that occurs, you shouldn’t immediately revive your partner.

Weapon Variations:

There may be occasions when you don’t plan out your weapon placement before you spawn into the region where the real PvP fight will take place, and you could be there only seconds before calamity strikes.

Using the same enemy as a target:

Another thing to keep in mind is to work with your partner to complete all tasks. From being on the same side of the map to moving around and exploring together to stopping and relaxing.

Pair up with that buddy and keep firing at the opponent if you see them shooting at an adversary. Most likely, the 2v1 will allow you to easily defeat your opponent and gain the upper hand, resulting in your victory.

Sliding-Grip Fire

If there is one thing that gamers should keep in mind, it is that pistols are quite powerful weapons. To better benefit themselves versus adversaries, players might switch to their sidearms.

The only thing you need to do to kill enemies is to swap your primary weapon for a pistol instead of using your primary weapon, which will allow you to dispatch them quickly.

Shatterline PS5 Release Date
Shatterline PS5 Release Date, Best Gun, Tips, Character, Sensitivity

Shatterline Best Character:


Strix has the power to send moving items far away and kick down specifically specified doors on each map. With the help of Strix’s Wall Grenade, you can build the ideal-sized obstruction for shooting over.

Strix’s ult is the reason she is invincible. The M.556 Volcano is a “high speed six-barrel heavy machine gun” that is terrifyingly accurate even at a distance and destroys adversaries.


The closest to a traditional soldier is Mongoose because of his quick health restoration. His biggest selling point is the R40 Super sling. It is a 40mm grenade launcher that works well for chasing down attackers or launching grenades into a choke point where they are funneling through.

Although Mongoose’s gameplay isn’t particularly innovative, it is the most well-known, making him the most well-rounded character.


The most useful ability is her ultimate healing station, which provides a sizable area for teammates to sit inside and heal. Additionally, it grants anybody inside 20% protection against incoming damage.

Reviving isn’t always worthwhile because most PvP modes have short respawn intervals, and the animation to leave the revive takes a few extra seconds than is necessary. This is the sole negative.


The first Recon member introduced is Brisa. These people only possess one passive skill. Which enables them to use a climbing hook to scale any luminous arrow-adorned walls. Other players cannot reach these additional passageways and mobility possibilities without moving a neighboring box. Or a vehicle to hoist themselves up.

The crystalline rifle, which she uses as her primary weapon, is a bolt-action sniper rifle with a one-hit kill guarantee. It stands out because of its distinctive ammunition. Which generates a tiny burst as it flies through the air and can hit foes who are almost exactly in the center of your crosshair.

Shatterline Best Sensitivity:

You’ll be able to swivel around swiftly and thoroughly check every corner with a mouse or controller with a rather high level of sensitivity. Shattering requires you to continuously move your mouse or joysticks since actions are constantly taking place.

However, you shouldn’t raise your sensitivity too much because doing so would make your aim somewhat erratic. You should be able to hit your opponents repeatedly while using both the mouse and the controller with ease. Finding the ideal balance between great sensitivity and a steady aim is thus a challenge.

Mouse Options

Thus, after investing many hours in this game and conducting several trials and errors, we discovered the ideal mouse sensitivity range in Shatterline. For optimal results with 800 DPI, set your Shatterline mouse sensitivity at 55 and 65. This will allow you to move your mouse freely while maintaining a constant aim.

If you want to play with a reduced mouse sensitivity, we advise against going below the 45–54 range because it could make your hand and movement clumsy. The same applies if you want to use a mouse with a higher level of sensitivity. Going above the 66 to 75 range may enhance your movement, but it may hurt your aim, particularly in engagements at a distance.

As your screen enlarges when you ADS your weapon, we advise you to slightly reduce the ADS mouse sensitivity in comparison to the original mouse sensitivity. Therefore, setting both sensitivities to the same value may give the impression that your ADS sensitivity is a little faster.

Settings Value
DPI 800
Mouse Sensitivity 60
eDPI (DPI x Mouse Sens) 48000
Windows Sensitivity 6 (Default)
Windows Enhanced Pointer Precision Off
Mouse Sensitivity in ADS 55
Mouse Inversion Off
Crouch Mode Toggle
Aiming Mode Toggle


Shatterline PS5 Release Date Controller Con figurations

There have been numerous concerns about the way controllers operate in Shatterline. Some of the well-liked controllers, including DualShock 4 and XBOX One controllers, have been criticized for not being optimized for Shatterline.

People who own PS5 controllers, however, claim that they function flawlessly

Aim Vertical and Horizontal Sensitivity, as well as Vertical and Horizontal Sensitivity, should be changed as your controller’s primary settings. These parameters must be modified to suit your preferences. But you might think about having a controller with slightly higher sensitivity, equivalent to mouse sensitivity.

Your ADS sensitivity is essentially the same as the Aiming Vertical and Horizontal sensitivity. Therefore, for a constant target, it would be advisable to keep this lower than the usual sensitivity.

You should unquestionably set each acceleration set to 0. Otherwise, you’ll feel like your aim is erratic. We advise keeping the Menu cursor speed as default or very minimally altering it.

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