Is Shatterline on Console – Complete Details

Is Shatterline on Console: Do you enjoy free-to-play games? Shatterline is a brand-new first-person shooter that was recently made available on Steam in early access. You may now add a brand-new game to your lengthy list of free games for this year. Over the past few weeks, Shatterline has undergone several playtesting, but it is now accessible to all PC gamers with a Steam account.

Shatterline: What is it?

The setting of the game is a post-apocalyptic world where an alien danger has invaded Earth and turned the majority of its citizens into crystalline-infected monsters. There are two game modes: multiplayer Versus and Expedition. Operatives are characters with their own specific devices, bonuses, and weaponry who appear in both modes.

Is Shatterline on Console
Is Shatterline on Console

In the cooperative roguelike mode called Expedition, up to two additional players can queue up and set off on objectives across various locations. Players in Expedition will advance through a linear level while engaging hordes of foes of various varieties. There are several boss encounters throughout each Expedition playing, and after finishing each one and earning Blueprints, players can choose whether or not they want to keep going or head to an extraction site to secure their progress.

Players can enter matchmaking in the Versus mode of Shatterline and participate in PVP multiplayer games like Team Deathmatch, Conquest, Plant-the-Bomb, and Escort. The game includes classic FPS elements like Overwatch’s create-a-class systems and distinctive character ultimates. Currently, there are 25 weapons and 8 Operatives in the game.

The game’s creators intend to release it on consoles as well, even though early access is only presently available on Steam. In February 2023, Shatterline will have its complete release.

For Xbox, “Shatterline” Is Confirmed:

With the newest generation, many games are moving from PC to console, particularly in the free-to-play market. The most recent example of this is Shatterline, a futuristic first-person shooter that has seen significant growth on PC since its early access launch last month.

Shatterline has received over 12k user reviews since its September 8th release date, totaling a “generally positive” overall Steam rating at the time of writing.

For the time being, the Ukrainian developer hopes to release the PS5 in February 2023. The developers recently told us that an Xbox port is coming, they have just not set a release date yet, but the aforementioned post indicates that it is in their plans.

In either case, Shatterline will have our support when it eventually launches on Xbox. It also has some PvE components, such as a rogue-lite co-op option, and it seems like bloody good fun to play. Here is the story trailer for the game, which gives some background to the dystopian setting of Shatterline:

Is Shatterline on Console – Answered

Shatterline is only presently accessible via PC. The game just entered early access, and during this time it will develop and change. It might ultimately make it to a console, but for now. The only way to play it is on a PC using Steam or GeForce Now.

Frag Labs intends to release the game on February 9, 2023, according to the Shatterline Steam page.

The game has 25 weapons and 8 operatives. All of which may be customized using various attachments.  As well as the cooperative rogue-like mode Expedition and story-driven Coop episodes. Additionally, we often rotate special events that feature new, experimental, or modified game modes. A Full Game with a basic and a premium tier is available starting on Day 1 of Early Access.

Console support may come eventually, but as of now, nothing is certain in that regard.

Keep an eye on Prima Games since we will have additional instructions for the game.

The following additions will be made to Shatterline’s official release.

 We’ll finish improving the user interface and balancing the maps, modes, weaponry, and operatives’ skills. There will be cosmetics on sale at the store.

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