NBA 2k23 Update 1.006 Patch Note – Fix All Bug

NBA 2k23 Update 1.006 Patch Note: For the PS5 & Xbox Series X/S, version 1.006.000 of the NBA 2K23 patch has been made available by the 2K Game. The most recent patch, version 1.006 of NBA 2K23, fixes a number of problem codes and improves the playability, according to the patch notes. Additionally, NBA 2K23 update 1.006 has general stability enhancements.

A few minor changes and corrections were performed in NBA 2K23 version 1.005 before this. Players are unfortunately seeing several connection and disconnection troubles after the rollout. The NBA 2K23 update 1.006 released today will address some of these problems.

NBA 2k23 Update 1.006
NBA 2k23 Update 1.006 Patch Note

NBA 2k23 Update 1.006 Patch Note

  • Fixed a problem that caused players to get error messages after completing the Jcole quest.
  • The MyNBA Eras rosters have been taken off Play Now.
  • Fixed a problem that prevented players from loading different game modes.
  • Difficulties with game crashes were fixed.
  • Gameplay improvements in online games.
  • Enhancements to performance and stability.
  • Other little adjustments.

Xbox crashes after Update 1.006 for NBA 2K23:

We recently received the most recent update for NBA 2K23, so the fact that we already have a fresh update is excellent. The developers are striving to address the game’s myriad problems, but occasionally a well-intentioned update may go awry. What actually occurred with the NBA 2K23 update 1.006 was this. Xbox users who were already having a number of problems starting the game are unable to do so.

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Reports indicated that the game wouldn’t launch on Xbox systems shortly after the patch went out. Here are a few user testimonials:

The Tweet mentioned above should allay any concerns you may have had regarding the NBA 2K23 outage just affecting you. The developers have not yet spoken to us. But considering the number of gamers who are affected. e anticipate hearing from them shortly. When it occurs, we’ll update this article.

You can attempt a couple of remedies in the interim, but they are a bit of a stretch because the true issue could be with that patch you just applied. If you haven’t yet installed the patch, I advise holding off until the problem is fixed before doing so. You can attempt the following options when the need arises.


  1. To clear off any corrupt cache, hard reset the console.
  2. In NBA 2K23, delete the save file. Try this around your own risk; you might lose ground and discover that the problem hasn’t been resolved after all.
  3. Install the game again.

Reinstalling the game is the best solution for NBA 2K23 failing after the 1.006 updates. After you restart the game, any problems with the patch download that resulted in file corruption that caused the crash should be resolved.

It is a known problem that post hooks might become green without releasing the stick, and a patch will be released later.

These remarks demonstrate that the main goal of this patch is to keep the game functioning for those that were experiencing issues. You should be fine to go if you were a player who frequently experienced crashes of any type with the games up to this point. We’ll have to keep our fingers crossed that something a little more significant is in the pipeline for next month, but this is still only a modest update.

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