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How to Work Lingojam Fortnite: How do I make my Fortnite name include special characters? While playing the battle royale game from Epic Games, you may have noticed various characters in various player names. But how do you add unique characters to your name? To learn how to add special characters to your Fortnite name, continue reading. Find out here how you may utilize unique and special characters to make your Fortnite name stand out.

How to Put Special Characters in Lingojam Fortnite Name

You must copy and paste special characters into your Lingojam Fortnite username. You will need to copy and paste special characters from a word processor or the internet if you don’t know the keyboard keys for them. If you look up special characters for various written languages, for instance, you can locate databases containing those characters on websites like Wikipedia. When you have located the unique characters you want to use in your Fortnite name.

How to Work Lingojam Fortnite
How to Work Lingojam Fortnite

Follow these steps to find out how to put special characters in Fortnite name:

  1. Use a word processor program or find the special characters you want to use online
  2. Copy the special characters you wish to add to your name on Fortnite
  3. Head to the Epic Games website and log in
  4. Open the “Account” screen
  5. Click on “General” (this should be automatically opened on “Account”)
  6. Click on the blue box with a pencil image inside to edit your Display Name
  7. Enter your new Display Name (remember to paste in those special characters)
  8. Enter your new Display Name again to confirm the change.

Hopefully the unique characters you used on Fortnite function and appear in-game. After changing your Fortnite display name, you have two weeks to make another change. On LingoJam, you can also utilize the Fortnite fonts. You can enter your name into this third-party website on the left, and on the right, a selection of unique character-infused names in fonts that Fortnite should recognize will display. Using the technique described above, copy and paste the fancy version of your Fortnite display name from this page.

Have fun with Lingojam Fortnite fonts:

Since you are probably wondering how to transform your Fortnite name with these fonts; here is a step-by-step breakdown of everything you need in order to get this done.

1. Sign in to your Epic Games account by visiting the Epic games website.

2.  Log in to your Fortnite account. Click on the option titled ‘Account’ on the upper right corner of your screen which should take you to your account detail section.

3. Open this and put it to the side. Visit LingoJam in a new tab on your browser. Two empty whiteboards on either side of your screen will greet you. You can enter the username you want to use on the left-hand board, and the right-hand box will display it in a variety of font styles.

4. In the box labeled DISPLAY NAME, copy and paste your desired new display name from LingoJam’s website which you selected during the previous step.

5. After choosing your preferred Fortnite font, tick the box next to “I accept I cannot change my display name again for two weeks after this change” to confirm your understanding.
This is located immediately beneath the name change option. Finally, click the “Confirm” button, which is blue in the image below. Be certain of the username you want to confirm because Epic Games demands a two-week cooling-off period before you can change it again.

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