Roblox My little Pony Event – Get My Little Pony Zipp Wings & Sparky Shoulder

Roblox My Little Pony Event – Get My Little Pony Zipp Wings & Sparky Shoulder: Singapore is currently hosting a Roblox My Little Pony Event, and Roblox has also added two new products to their catalog: Sparky Shoulder Pet and Zipp’s wings.

Singapore is now hosting the Roblox My Little Pony Event. Roblox has also added Zipp’s wings and Sparky Shoulder Pet to its catalogue. Albeit neither item is presently for sale.

Since this is a brand-new Roblox event, fulfilling the characters’ missions will primarily help to acquire both of my little pony event’s products, which will also be put up for sale later today.

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Since the Roblox team had intended to distribute the two new character items to all players very, very soon, the My Little Pony event is taking place in Singapore. Two of the most popular Roblox goods are the Zipp wings and the Sparky shoulder pet.

Roblox My little Pony Event

The zipp wings avatar character and its accessories. Which are part of the new My Little Pony things on Roblox. Obtained through completing the character’s missions and winning badges in minigames. These should help you earn the zipp wings, even though they are not yet available for purchase from Roblox.

Since the Sparky pet has been a part of Roblox for more than six months, it has long been the players’ favourite avatar. Now, the items will be made available to all users at the My Little Pony event in Singapore.

When Will the Items Be Available for Sale for the My Little Pony Event on Roblox in 2022?

Not sure when Roblox will distribute My Little Pony events merchandise for sale. The majority of players are waiting to obtain the Zipp wings in particular.

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In our opinion, the Roblox team has set a deadline of today for the conclusion of this My Little Pony event. Due to this, the majority of the items will only be offered for purchase today. Zipp wings and Sparky the shoulder pet, however, are only for sale if the My Little Pony events makes them accessible to all Roblox users.

Players are particularly drawn to the pink, blue, and white versions of Zipp’s wings. However, both the Sparky shoulder pet and the Zipp wings are stunning Roblox creations.

More ways to earn Sparky Shoulder Pet & Zipp Wings!

Some of them contend that the Zipp wings and Sparky shoulder pet Roblox redeem codes may only be utilized to get them from the Roblox My Little Pony events 2022.

If we obtain the unique redeem codes for the My Little Pony event. Get on the Sparky shoulder pet and also the Zipp wings, we will update it and keep you posted at our GA handle.


The selling of both products will conclude this Roblox My Little Pony event in 2022. Sadly, we were unable to obtain any additional information about this My Little Pony event. Which has yet to begin with Sparky shoulder pet and Zipp wings.

However, Roblox is hosting a special My Little Pony event in Singapore for all of its users. It will shortly come to an end.

Keep checking back for updates from Official Panda regarding the Roblox My Little Pony event 2022. Follow us for more Roblox and other gaming-specific content.

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