Fortnite New Aya Nakamura Rewards and More

Fortnite New Aya Nakamura: Players of Fortnite will soon have the opportunity to earn gratis Aya Nakamura rewards. The well-known musician will be the following performer to be included in Fortnite. Are quite a Series after entering the famous battle royale game.

The French-Mali singer will offer a special interactive concert in Fortnite’s Creative Style beginning on Thursday, October 6. Players of Fortnite will get access to some of the famous artist’s biggest tracks and free cosmetic items by joining the exclusive Creative map.

The post below is a guide to receiving free Aya Nakamura prizes in Fortnite, with a step-by-step description of how to enjoy the memorable experience and acquire new cosmetics.

Fortnite New Aya Nakamura
Fortnite New Aya Nakamura

Fortnite Aya Nakamura:

If you want to acquire Aya Nakamura prizes in Fortnite. You will also have 72 hours to do it, as stated by Epic Games. The musical event gets underway on October 6 at noon Eastern Time and ends on October 9.

Throughout these three days, the Creative Style event will be running continuously. So you’ll need to sign in and join any map to get the free Fortnite cosmetics. During the upcoming Fortnite Soundwave Series. You will have the opportunity to level up in addition to receiving the special Aya Nakamura awards.

You Must Follow These Procedures to Earn the Rewards:

Install Fortnite:

Those of you who have Fortnite installed on your game machine can skip this step. Some admirers of Aya Nakamura will have to install Fortnite when they want to enjoy the next performance, hence why downloading the gaming client is crucial.

Here are the download links for Fortnite on each system that is supported:

  • PC
  • PlayStation
  • Xbox
  • NintendoSwitch
  • Android mobile devices and tablets

On iPhones and iPods, the game unfortunately cannot be downloaded. To play the game on iOS devices, you may use cloud gaming services like NVIDIA GeForce Now.

Start the Game, Then Select the Island Code Tab.

Players of Fortnite may access a Creative map right now without having to open the Creative Hub thanks to Epic Games. You must load the game and choose a game mode by interacting with the “Change” button to participate in the forthcoming Fortnite Soundwave Large audiences and earn the Aya Nakamura awards.

Following that, you must choose the “Island Code” option and enter 3500-0540-0065. In addition, you may access the “Discover” page and start the Are quite Series: Aya Nakamura game there

Gain XP and Special Goodies.

Once the map has loaded, you may view Aya Nakamura’s Fortnite ranking. You will receive XP and two beauty products after finishing the adventure.

They Are quiet Series – Aya Nakamura spraying and the well-known singer’s partnership debut with Aya’s Island start screen. How so much XP you would earn after the event is still unknown.

Additionally, the game will also receive Aya’s emote. On Wednesday, October 5, the Copines Emote will be made accessible in the Item Shop.

Before entering the new Fortnite area, if all you want to do is shoot things, be sure to brush up on our Fortnite tips and tactics. You’ll just have a greater probability of living as a result.


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