New World 1.7 Release Date, New Features, New Paid Expansion

New World 1.7 Release Date New Features, New Paid Expansion: Brimstone Sands is the next major upgrade for New World, set to release in October 2022. It is set within Aeternum and focuses on the mighty Egyptian Kingdom that has been shattered by a lengthy battle. The Roman Legion encountered corruption when they arrived in the territory. When your pals turn against you and the truth is ready to be revealed, here is where you come in.

With new landscapes, opponents, loot, missions, and much more, you can be certain that this significant upgrade will keep you occupied for the foreseeable future!

New World 1.7 Release Date
New World 1.7 Release Date

New World 1.7 Release Date:

The New World Update 1.7 will begin in October 2022.

New World 1.7  New Features:

Greatsword of the New World

This latest update adds the Greatsword to your ever-expanding arsenal of weapons in the New World. It is a two-handed sword that allows you to swap between postures depending on the situation.

Different Weapon Ability Trees allow for diverse weapon playstyles:

  • With the Onslaught tree, you may attack relentlessly and focus on taking out opponents before they can attack you in return.
  • The Defiance tree emphasizes aggressive defense, making you into a survivor machine capable of doing significant damage to several foes at once.

The Greatsword scales with Strength and Dexterity equally, making it a great partner for many other martial weapons.

Global Heartrunes:

Players will soon be able to further tailor their playstyle utilising Heartrune Abilities, a brand-new feature. Following is a breakdown of the skills:

  • Detonate: Surround yourself with so much arcane energy that you explode and do a lot of damage. While the power is in use, players can move about and make attacks.
  • Grasping Vines: Pound your palm into the earth to cause vines to sprout all around you and encircle your adversaries.
  • Turning into stone makes you resistant to slows, knockdowns, dazzles, roots, and staggers. While this power is in use, players can maneuver and make attacks.
  • Use a huge, portable cannon to shoot a cannonball that bursts on impact and deals a lot of damage.
  • Dark Ascent: Fly into the air, hang for a moment, and then crash back down to the earth, causing damage to any foes nearby.

It has been determined that utilizing your Heartgem requires a full charge and that participating in battle activities like as doing and receiving damage, healing teammates, and blocking attacks will contribute to your charge. Each time you use a Heartrune ability, the charge amount resets, and you may swap between them as you see fit to discover the one that best fits your playstyle.

The New World Expedition:

A trek within the Ennead, the enormous Pyramid found in the brand-new Brimstone Sands area, is the most recent Expedition to be introduced to the game.

The link between the local Roman Legion and the prehistoric peoples is at its heart. Has vowed to provide additional insights in a subsequent Dev Update. And through teasers leading up to a Brimstone Sands release.

Beginning Experience in a New World:

A reworked early game with brand new objectives is an intriguing addition to the game. The following is a breakdown of these changes:

  • NPCs that roam around have enhanced the flow of quests through the zones. A single plot thread that carries players through each part of the game, unlocking secondary content to pace out the experience.
  • There are several new quest dynamics present, including wave events and tracking. And navigation obstacles, riddles in the ruins, unique interactions with the terrain, and dynamic events that players will experience.
  •  Presenting King Arthur’s legacy in Monarch’s Bluffs and a plague and famine from the sorceress Medusa in Windward. Players will still flock to the Hermit Yonas to begin their journey to become Soulwardens. But Everfall has seen a concentration of Refers to the active duties.
  • The creators have also opted to add to the zones and towns in Monarch’s Bluffs and Everfall, including new adversaries, key sites, and quest and open world challenges, to help give the locales a more distinct personality.

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