Fortnite Paradise Discord Quest, Rewards More

Fortnite Paradise Discord Quest Release Date Rewards More: To commemorate the release of Fortnite Chapter 3 Seasons 4: Paradise, the Paradise Discord Quest has become available! Complete six distinct activities from an authorized Fortnite Discord to get three in-game goodies.

Fortnite Paradise Discord Quest Release Date:

The Fortnite Paradise Discord Quest is currently active and will go until 2nd October 2022

Fortnite Paradise Discord Quest
Fortnite Paradise Discord Quest

How to take part in the Paradise Discord Challenge:

  • Enter the Fortnite official Discord server.
  • Check out the Paradise Discord Quest channel’s announcement message.
  • To participate, choose “Start” on the announcement message button. To link your Epic account, adhere to the private message sent by the bot. Now you may get the first task!
  • You can start the next challenge as soon as you finish the previous one.

You may finish the objectives in both the Fortnite Battle Royale and the Zero Build playlists .

How to Finish the Discord Quest in Fortnite Paradise:

To unlock the Paradise Discord Quest, players must register with a Fortnite Discord. Although the Epic Games website offers a number of additional language servers, this page will direct you to the English-language version.

Players must read the announcement message after accessing the Paradise Discord Quest channels before clicking “Start” and begin the quest. After accepting the first task and linking your Epic account, a bot will send you a private message with instructions. The next door will open once this assignment is finished. Each one may be finished in Solo, Duo, Trios, or Squads in the Battle Royale or Zero Build playlists.

The following milestones unlock the rewards:

  • After doing a single task: Real Tree Banner Icon in Chrome.
  • Three tasks are finished: Screen for loading bananas.
  • Having finished six tasks: Flow Chrome Wrap

Official Fortnite Discord Servers that are Participating:

Arabic language:

German language:

English language:

Spanish language:

French language:

Italian language:

Japanese language:

Korean language:

Polish language:

Portuguese (Brazil) language:

Russian language:

Turkish language:

Rewards for every Fortnite Paradise Discord Quest:

Three in-game gifts may be obtained by completing the tasks in Fortnite Paradise Discord.

These playlists for Fortnite Battle Royale and Zero Build offer solo, duo, trio, or squad play.

  • Reality Tree Banner Icon Chrome-ified – Finish 1 Task.
  • Complete the three tasks on the banana flip loading screen.
  • Wrap Chrome Flow – 6 Tasks to finish.

What Are Fortnite Quests on Discord?

Fortnite Discord Quests are unique tasks that players must do in-game after receiving them through the official Fortnite Discord servers.

They first appeared in Chapter 3 Season 2 with the intention of luring users into the Fortnite community by providing them with cosmetics.

To accomplish the Fortnite: Royal Rumble Paradise Discord Quest, follow these steps:

To join in the current Discord quest, simply sign up for one of the authorized Fortnite Discord servers and following these instructions.

  • Select one of the official Fortnite Discord servers listed below to join.
  • Choose the Paradise Chat Quest channel on the server you’ve selected for Discord.
  • Read the channel’s announcement message.
  • The announcement message’s “Start” button should be selected.
  • You’ll receive a message from a bot asking you to connect your Epic account to your Discord account.
  • Follow the instructions after clicking the link.
  • You need to immediately get the first task.
  • You can unlock the next one after completing this one.


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