New For Aye Event In PUBG Mobile

For Aye PUBG Mobile Event: Create a unique clip for a chance at winning $100 in Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile as part of the community event. UC – Payload: Knock’em Out Cold, the summer’s follow-up, is given to you by the same creative group that brought you Warhead: Coming in Hot. You have the opportunity to win $100 in UC here! Share your favorite gameplay videos from the Payload play mode! Let’s discuss the newest neighborhood occurrence in more depth.

Make a unique clip for a chance to receive $100 in Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile UC during the community event for that game.

  1. Make a video utilizing your gameplay that is extremely great and showcase your style!
  2. Use the hashtags PAYLOADKNOCKEMOUT and Contest to share your greatest plays on the social media channel of your choosing (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube).
  3. You’ve completed the task. Thanks to PUBG Mobile UC, you have entered the drawing for a $100 prize.
New For Aye Event In PUBG Mobile
New For Aye Event In PUBG Mobile

Rules, Judging, and Awards:

  • For this event, there are five (5) winners.
  • At UC, the winners will each get $100.
  • Community members are allowed to join the contest more than once. But if they are chosen as the winner, all of their previous submissions will be invalidated
  • Only one prize may be won per community member.
  • Any member of the community who is discovered utilizing numerous accounts on social media to win multiple prizes will be excluded from the event and prohibited from participating in any subsequent events.
  • Theft is not tolerated on PUBG MOBILE. You will be banned from the event and forbidden from participating in any future events if it is discovered that you used content theft for any contest.

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Get Gendo Masters Set at the PUBG Mobile x Vibe’n Drive Event.

The PUBG Mobile developer frequently adds stunning clothes, equipment, and more cosmetics to the game. The Pubg Vibe’n Drive event was announced by Tencent earlier this morning for the show’s players. Users can now purchase the fabled permanent Gendo Master set.

Event: PUBG Mobile x Vibe’n Drive:

On PUBG Mobile, the online immersive event is currently underway. Participants in the event have a chance to earn amazing rewards. A step-by-step guide for participating in the programme and earning gratis Gendo Masters Sets and other continuing freebies can be found below.

  1. On their mobile devices, users must launch the PUBG Smartphone application.
  2. By selecting Events from the list on the left side of the screen, you may access the game’s events area.
  3. Find the Vibe’n Chill event, where participants can receive legendary stuff for nothing, in the area devoted to events.
  4. Finish the tasks listed on the event page.
  5. Players can get their prizes after finishing the assignments.

New For Aye Event In PUBG Mobile

To obtain the free eternal legendary set and also other rewards, take part in the latest current PUBG Mobile event and fulfil the tasks. Keep a look out for the amazing rewards since Tencent frequently introduces new gaming events.

A multiplayer online battle royale game called PUBG Mobile, which is inspired by PUBG: Battleground was released in 2017. Up to 100 people skydive into a deserted island and engage in combat until only one is left. Players must scrounge for weapons, resources, and vehicles to combat other players as the play area steadily closes in on them in a situation reminiscent of The Hunger Games. The game has already worked with such successes as The Walking Dead, so crossover events with famous series are nothing new to them.

Eric Kripke of Supernatural created the superhero parody The Boys, which is based on the same-named DC Comics. The show centers on the titular superhero team, captained by Billy Butcher, played by Karl Urban, as they battle “The Seven,” a team of superheroes controlled by Vought International. While putting on a heroic front, “The Seven” engage in heinous acts behind closed doors. The actor joined the series as Soldier Boy, a Supernatural who fought in The War and woke up in the present world, and Kripke recently reconnected with one of his Winchester co-stars, Jensen Ackles.

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