Fortnite X Breaking Bad – Walter White” Arrives

Fortnite X Breaking Bad: A Fortnite and Breaking Bad partnership appears imminent. Although there have been many conjectures about a partnership with the well-known TV program, Epic Games has now given us a hint.

Fortnite X Breaking Bad
Fortnite X Breaking Bad

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According to two different hints made by the designer of Fortnite Battle Royale, the Breaking Bad alliance might make its appearance either with the final Chapter 3 Season 3 update or in Season 4. Given that the show has millions of viewers worldwide, the release of this crossover would significantly boost sales of the video game. There has been some discussion surrounding this alliance because of the show’s age rating. Epic Games would undoubtedly find a way to make it work.

In a Fortnite survey and on the map, a crossover between Fortnite and Breaking Bad was revealed:

Breaking Bad is among the most popular TV programmes of all time. It recounts the controversial story of a high school teacher who becomes a meth cook. The show’s characters might be added by Epic Games without changing the game’s age classification, though. It’s crucial to note that Epic has already introduced a number of characters, notably John Wick, who has appeared in R-rated television shows and motion pictures. This has never been an issue and most likely never will be.

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The creator of the video game hinted at the addition of Gustavo Fring with the most recent Fortnite poll. His popularity as a television figure makes him a good fit for the Fortnite and Breaking Bad crossover.

The community is surveyed by Epic Games on a regular basis to find out which characters they would want to see in the game. The other clue, which is an abandoned van in the desert, is the first one that Epic has made public. Breaking Bad viewers are already familiar with the location and the van because the very first episode of the series features a van in the desert.

Additional future Fortnite partnerships:

In addition to the Fortnite x Breaking Bad cooperation, Epic Games intends to include a number of other well-known characters in the video game. Additionally, Epic is creating Doom, Family Guy, and Lord of the Rings characters. MidaRado, the same leaker that revealed the crossovers between Dragon Ball Super and Destiny 2, provided this information through a leak.

Despite the fact that Family Guy was long since leaked, it seems that Epic Games only added Family Guy-related files to tease its players. Another well-known figure who would be a great addition to the Gaming Legends Series is Doomslayer. Players may find the teaser on the map near the Rock Family, where Epic Games has hinted at a Fortnite x Lord of the Rings crossover. We might see this crossover with the v21.50 update, given this. On Tuesday, September 30, a new update will be released, and it might include partnerships like Fortnite x Breaking Bad and a few more. In the event that it doesn’t, Season 4 of Epic will likely see its release.


The release of the Fortnite x Breaking Bad crossover is all but guaranteed. But the real question is whether Epic is holding off on this massive project until Chapter 3 Season 4.

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