NBA 2k23 VC Glitch: Steps to Fix it

NBA 2k23 VC Glitch: You’ll be happy to know that NBA 2K22 is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S, if you enjoy playing basketball online.

NBA 2k23 VC Glitch

Nintendo Switch, too. However, many users are reporting glitches, problems, and error codes like 4b538e50 or efeab30c that have not yet been fix. In addition to these problems, a lot of gamers are currently complaining that their salaries in MyCareer are not being paid. There are a few unofficial methods you can try to remedy the problem even though this is an internal defect and players are powerless to fix it. Check out this guide if you want to fix the NBA 2K23 MyCareer salary VC bug.

How to Fix NBA 2K23 MyCareer Not Getting Salary VC Glitch:

The VC system in NBA 2K23 is effectively a pay-to-win feature. Gamers can buy a lot of VC, advance in MyCareer, and buy stronger cards for MyTeam.

The MyCareer not getting salary VC issue in NBA 2K23 has caused gamers to fear that they have permanently lost their hard-earned money. Well, don’t worry! You can quickly and simply fix the Salary VC glitch in NBA 2K23 MyCareer with a few straightforward techniques.

1. Firstly, try to play a MyTeam match, then return, and play with your 2K character.

2. Log in and log out from your 2K account.

3. Try to leave the game, reconnect to the 2K servers

Once finished, you will likely receive VC for all of your prior games. Many gamers, however, allege that they didn’t get paid for the first three games they played on MyCareer, but that they did after finishing the fourth game.

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How to Earn VC without Spending Money:

Even though NBA 2K23 is entirely focused on virtual currency (VC), it can be challenging to figure out how to do it without spending real money. We’ll go over various strategies you may employ to maximise your in-game currency income as part of our NBA 2K23 guide. But first, it’s crucial to understand the practical utility of venture capital.

NBA 2k23 VC Glitch

2K Sports currently flogs VC through digital storefronts in the following increments, although pricing may change depending upon your country and selected retailer. We’ve included the pricing for the UK and USA below:

5,000 VC £1.79 $1.99
15,000 VC £4.49 $4.99
35,000 VC £8.99 $9.99
75,000 VC £17.99 $19.99
200,000 VC £44.99 $49.99
450,000 VC £89.99 $99.99

There’s a strong chance that, depending on whatever NBA 2K23 edition you buy, you’ll have some virtual currency (VC) accessible when the game begins. The Michael Jordan Editions and Championship Editions, for instance, each have 100,000 VC, which is more than enough to get you going. Keep an eye out for any reductions or savings that may be offered, as 2K Sports will also lower the cost of select VC bundles throughout the course of the season.

Complete Quests:

NBA 2k23 VC Glitch

In NBA 2K23, there are numerous quests to perform, many of which have a time limit. To gain VC, make sure to play every day and complete as many as you can. Each quest’s rewards are mentioned on the quest screen, and many only require a short amount of time to do. Every week in the City, a millionaire will be crowned if they can win the Race of the Week, for which they will receive 1,000,000 VC.


That’s it; the salary VC bug in NBA 2K23 is caused by server-relate problems and resolves itself over time. You can attempt the procedures indicated above to fix it in the meanwhile.

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