NBA 2k23 Episode 2 Answers Guide

NBA 2k23 Episode 2 Answers: It will please fans of the new NBA 2K23 game to hear that the weekly Quizzes from 2KTV are still available.

These tests are very similar to those that appeared in NBA 2K22. Home of NBA 2K23 screen has quizzes that players can access to earn free rewards, most often in the form of virtual money. Each episode can help players earn about 3800 VC because every question that is featured has its own unique incentives.

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NBA 2k23 Episode 2 Answers

Gamers will be able to access their rewards inbox directly after satisfactorily answering the questions. These tests could, of course, necessitate quite a bit of investigation. The accurate NBA 2KTV episode 2 solutions are examined in the following article, which can be accessible until September 23.

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NBA 2KTC questions and answers for episode two:

As per usual, one of the several NBA 2K streamers and content producers has already provided the right responses and shared them on different social media platforms. Each week, 20 questions pertaining to different NBA 2K games and the league itself are updated. Every week, there are only seven days available for players to finish the quizzes and claim their prizes.

Like in prior years, VC is NBA 2K23’s primary in-game currency. Nearly all of the major products are available for purchase using the currency, and new player packs can also be unlocked using the currency. Therefore, earning up to the 3800 VC that is accessible via the quiz every week can assist players to advance in the game and give them a significant advantage over their rivals.

Below are the 20 correct answers to the MCQs this week. TBP Moose, a YouTube user, put together the following list:

  1. 3
  2. 6
  3. 2
  4. 60%
  5. Rocco
  6. 2019
  7. Middy Magician
  8. (Any Answer)
  9. Defense / Rebounding
  10. Playmaking
  11. 3
  12. NBA 2K15
  13. 8
  14. All-Star
  15. DJ Diesel
  16. 61
  17. 36
  18. Shaq-A-Roni
  19. The Rec
  20. Any Answer
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