Genshin Impact Unlock The Ship has it Hidden Achievement

Genshin Impact Unlock The Ship has it Hidden Achievement: In addition to the summer archipelago, Genshin Impact recently released five more secret achievements. Genshin Impact’s much-awaited sailing element debuted in version 1.6 of the game.

Players can now navigate the new archipelago using vessels referred to as Waveriders. All of the new secret accomplishments centre on Waveriders and are not too difficult to complete. In order to help you complete the five new secret achievements, this article lists them all.

Genshin Impact Unlock The Ship has it Hidden Achievement
Genshin Impact Unlock The Ship has it Hidden Achievement

Top 5 secret accomplishments on the islands of the Genshin Impact archipelago:

These hidden achievements might also be time-limited since the archipelago is an area that only exists temporarily in Genshin Impact. However, Waveriders might be permanently added to the game in other places, making these achievements also indelible. Players should complete these secret achievements in version 1.6 while the Waveriders are still around because the Waveriders’ future is still undetermined.

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 “Yo-Ho-Ho, and a Bottle of Dandelion Wine”

The version 1.6 hidden achievement that is the simplest to find is this one. This achievement is probably accidently found by most gamers since it only calls for the user to enter a Waverider. The “Yo-Ho-Ho, and a Bottle of Dandelion Wine” achievement becomes available when a player board the boat for the first time.

“Mighty and Illuminated Wave Rider”

You can earn the “Mighty and Illuminated Wave Rider” accomplishment by riding a Waverider nonstop for a set period of time. The sole restriction is that players shouldn’t use the sprint button because fast sailing is not permitted. Additionally, as shown in the image above, the player must exit the boat in order for this achievement to become available. Before getting off the Waverider, players should sail for a while in order to unlock this achievement and receive five Primogems.

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 “Deja Vu”

The only difference between this hidden award and “Mighty and Illuminated Wave Rider” is that players must sail quickly. The “Déjà Vu” achievement can be unlocked by sailing while holding the sprint button for a long enough period of time, and five Primogems are awarded.

“Nice Boat”

By successfully achieving the “Nice Boat” milestone, players can get five Primogems.To perform this in the Golden Apple Archipelago, players must be in cooperative mode.The next step is for two players to call Waveriders and board one another’s boats. Any exchange of Waveriders with a different player instantly unlocks the achievement “Nice Boat.”

 “And Her Name Is the Mary Celeste”

Five Primogems and the hidden accomplishment are unlocked together when a player’s Waverider is destroyed. Hidden accomplishments frequently call for players to lose, or at the very least, act strangely in the game.The achievement “And Her Name Is the Mary Celeste” is an example of this. A floating Hilichurl camp can be approached and attacked, which is the simplest method to lose a Waverider.


Players constantly search for new secret accomplishments whenever Genshin Impact obtains new content. Genshin Impact’s addition of these five new Waverider-related milestones comes as no surprise. As new material is released in version 1.6, other accomplishments might appear, but for now, players should focus on completing these five.

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