Which Group of Rock Royalty NBA 2k23

Which Group of Rock Royalty NBA 2k23: NBA 2K23 will contain the same Music Trivia and question-based challenges as NBA 2K22. To get more things, players can accomplish these tasks. Trivia in NBA 2K22 was based on in-game objectives, challenges, and league history. Music-related information from the more than 50 musicians included in NBA 2K23’s official playlist is available.

This year, MyCareer’s map has been condensed. That is advantageous, too, since players may finish certain map-based tasks and objectives without having to go about them.

The trivia about music is simple. It may be accessed via NBA 2K23’s home screen. The knowledge needed to accomplish this week’s NBA 2K23 music trivia and a rap battle is covered in the accompanying article.

Which Group of Rock Royalty NBA 2k23
Which Group of Rock Royalty NBA 2k23

How to improve your NBA 2K23 “connoisseur in rap” skills by responding to the pertinent questions:

During this week’s exam, participants are require to visit Erik’s Vinyl to complete the Cole World assignment. The work at hand is manageable. It entails answering questions regarding rap. Players who complete the questions will be notified that they have attained the status of rap enthusiast. The prize money for the game will be sent right to your mailbox.

The player must finish the rap battle questions after responding to the trivia questions. All the pertinent responses have previously been collet by YouTube user etox39, as seen below:

Q.Whose song, “Truth Hurts,” reached number one on the charts?

“Truth Hurts” by Lizzo reached number one on the charts.

Q.Who among the rock gods in NBA 2K23 insists on rocking you?


Q.Which “do over you” did Pete Rock and CL Smooth use in their popular 1992 song?

They think back on you

Rap fight from NBA 2K23:

Kendall vs Street Rap:

Don’t attempt to go insane since I have a lockdown defense. I’ll shatter your ankles and probably treat that wart in your foot while euro stepping and flexing with the extras, so check you out. You are not permitted to ski here if you do not have a lift pass. End your career and spend your own money on a party. I overheard you sleeping on me while cuddling your plush Piggie Smalls.

Lil Mettle Versis Rita’s:

Having a little shine gives you the impression that you are hotter than in furnaces.

  • These other plays don’t idolize you the way they do.
  • I’m poop scooping, and if you’re hoopin’, you’re doo.
  • I’ll approach you like I know your address.
  • I’m sure you’ve seen me skate, and all I have are decks.

Revisited Ball W. Ph.D. Monk:

  • Anytime, anywhere. Once I’ve beaten the leather.
  • I give out Ls as your kindergarten teacher does.
  • I’ll take the rock just as I did the man’s wallet.
  • It’s bizarre how he dressed for the wall of shame.
  • Don’t grumble since it’s a concrete jungle.
  • Before I add the icing, I make an iso call.
  • Hop over them, half-spin over them, and cross across.
  • How—exactly how—will you top this?
  • Who are you dealing with, 2K? You are aware of my savagery.
  • The money will come out of your dresser since the rock isn’t secure.
  • You recognize me as a national treasure.

W. Bas’ Dreamville Studio Session:

  • As I approach the jumper, leave them frozen.
  • Play you all, it’s playoff time? You are all newbies.
  • My arm is in the rim as I peer down at Shorty.
  • Like you’re getting blown out like Dr. J’s afro.
  • “Smile for the camera” is cool, right? Sure, no question.
  • This is how it feels to roll down a window on a flight—NEXT!

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