Dislodge a Runaway Boulder With a Slide Kick Fortnite

Dislodge a Runaway Boulder with A Slide Kick Fortnite: At the Start of Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3, Runaway Boulders Were Introduced to The Island. They Added an Engaging Gaming Element. Players Have the Same Ability as Timber Pines to Knock Them Loose and Send Them Rolling in The Direction of Unfortunate Opponents. This Usually Leads to Elimination.

Due to This, Epic Games Decided to Give Players the Task of Using a Slide Kick to Knock Down a Runaway Boulder. This New Technique Separates Adversaries from The Player While Dealing Them Moderate Harm.

The Player Will Receive 20,000 Xp Once the Mission Has Been Finished. Here Is a Step-By-Step Tutorial on How to Use a Slide Kick to Knock Down a Runaway Boulder in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4.

Dislodge a Runaway Boulder With a Slide Kick Fortnite
Dislodge a Runaway Boulder With a Slide Kick Fortnite

A Step-By-Step Tutorial on Moving a Runaway Boulder in Fortnite with A Slide Kick:

A Sliding Kick Can Be Used to Remove a Runaway Boulder in One of Two Ways.

Although One Approach Is More Effective, the Other Will Feel More Satisfying:

  • Until the Runaway Boulder Moves, Slide Kick.
  • The Runaway Boulder May Be Damaged by Shooting It or Picking It up With a Pickaxe.

Until the Runaway Boulder Is Moved, Slide Kick:

Sliding Into the Runaway Boulder Will Be Ineffectual Due to Its 180 Hp. After All, It’s a Rock vs A Mortal. However, You May Complete the Challenge in This Manner if You Want to Enjoy Absolutely Engrossing Fortnite Experience.

The Biggest Drawback Is that It Moves Slowly, Making It Difficult to Slide up And Down to Remove the Runaway Boulder. the Techniques for Finishing the Challenge by Knocking Down Runaway Boulder with Slide Kicks Are as Follows:

  • Find a Runaway Boulder that Is Not on Too Steep of A Slope.
  • To Keep Moving, Position the Sliding Kick Downward.
  • The Runaway Boulder May Be Moved by Doing the Procedure Several Times.

Use a Pickaxe or A Pistol to Harm the Runaway Boulder, Then Kick It with A Slide:

A Sliding Kick May Be Used to Move the Runaway Boulder from Fortnite Season 4 Chapter 3., However, It Moves Very Slowly. a Player Might Have Looted Better Things During the Game in The Time It Would Take to Accomplish the Job Utilizing only Slide Kicks.

Players Can Make the Challenge Simpler by Harming the Runaway Boulder First, as Opposed to Slipping Into Oblivion. the Pickaxe Would Be the Most Effective Instrument for The Task. the Rock Should Become More Pliable After Two Strokes.

Instead, if They Want Something with Somewhat More Flair, Players Can Use a Gun. the Following Actions Must Be Followed to Defeat the Challenge by Shooting or Using a Pickaxe to Move the Runaway Boulder:

  • Find an Escaping Rock and Strike a Few Rounds from A Handgun.
  • Start a Sliding Kick to Knock It Loose and Send It Rolling when Its Hp Is Low.

Although This Procedure Is Quicker, There Are Certain Hazards to Be Aware Of. the Runaway Boulder Will Remove Itself if It Sustains Too Much Damage, Rendering the Task Unsolvable. Then, Players Will Have to Start Over and Find Another.

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