Genshin Impact X Cadillac Car Collaboration: Featuring Kazuha and Beidou

Genshin impact X Cadillac collaboration: With all these new partnerships, Genshin Impact has recently ramped up its marketing effort. The most recent company they announced a partnership with is Cadillac. Cadillac is a very popular American luxury vehicle brand owned by General Motors, thus it made reasonable that Genshin would try capitalising on its reputation and popularity. Despite the fact that this caught many fans off guard because it was unusual and seemingly out of the blue, though.

Since Kazuha and Beidou’s general colour schemes complement Cadillac’s White, Red, and Black, they are the highlighted characters. Even though they are depicted in formal western dress, we must admit they seem rather gorgeous. We are all in favour of the Genshin designs that the featured poster also suggests would appear on their car skins.

Genshin Impact X Cadillac
Genshin Impact X Cadillac

Genshin Impact Launched Globally

Given that it was only publicised in China, we can anticipate that this Genshin collaboration will only be available in China. Even some sample images of these autos are available, as shown below. Only two colour variations of this collaboration, according to the most recent sources. We have a white SUV with Kazuha’s persona on it, complete with red hair and a ribbon with the colours red and blue that appears to be practically spilling out of him.

This represents his loyalty to Beidou and his significant contribution to the crew. A bright red front and a blue back are featured on the darker version. Similar to Kazuha, Beidou is depicted on one side of the vehicle wearing her typical Alcor clothing.

It makes reasonable that Genshin Impact would pursue so many collaborations given its high level of popularity in China. Additionally, they recently worked with a Chinese merchant’s bank. Promoting how to obtain a customised Ganyu credit card with a cute image of Ganyu wearing spectacles. Paimon and the merchant Liben have collaborated as well.

They even went so far as to collaborate with the Chinese government. As evidenced by the Genshin cartoon about anti-fraud that the Chinese Embassy in Japan produced in 2021. Both Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact, which are both owned by the same parent firm, were marketed in conjunction with the 48th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Brazil. The most recent Beijing Olympics also featured music from Genshin Impact. At this rate, Genshin Impact will soon collaborate in western nations and expand its marketing to include eastern markets as well.


Genshin Impact X Cadillac Collaboration Latest:

On their Weibo, Cadillac also made a social media announcement about a contest where you can enter to win free character stands of the participating characters by letting them know which Itasha you like best.

Itasha, which is used to describe cars adorned with images of fictional characters, most frequently anime characters, literally means “pain car.” Despite the fact that their titles may sound insulting. They are a beloved aspect of the anime subculture, and many of the events I attend feature them.

To represent their favourite characters on the virtual racetrack when they are unable to drive professionally or afford a fancy car, the community has added itasha livery to a variety of sim racing games.

Genshin Impact X Cadillac
Genshin Impact X Cadillac


Q 1: What is the latest update on Genshin’s impact X Cadillac collaboration event?

Answer 1: All the latest and official information is elaborated clearly in the article above.


Q 2: What is the official date of the Genshin Impact X Cadillac event?

Answer 2: As the official dates are still not being announced or released by the developers or other trustworthy sites. But the tentative dates can be expected in the first week of September or October in 2022 itself.

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