First Win and Victory Umbrella Fortnite Season 4

First Win and Victory Umbrella Fortnite Season 4: Although Fortnite is a game that constantly changes, one aspect has remained the same over time being awarded a Victory Umbrella. In Fortnite: Chapter 3 – Season 4, the Victory Umbrella, Chromebrella, is available for purchase right away, which is precisely the same.

Each season’s Victory Umbrella reflects the season’s overall theme, with Season 3’s Victory Umbrella, the Battle Bloom, highlighting the season’s festive mood and enigmatic flora. This trend continues in Season 4, which features a chrome finish to figuratively symbolize how chrome is really spreading throughout the island as a result of The Herald.

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The Herald, who is also the fourth season’s hidden skin, was first introduced in Season 3 but has since made a significant impact, eliminating the majority of The Seven members and forcing Brie Larson of The Paradigm to depart the scene. The influence of this enigmatic adversary is already evident on Fortnite Island.

First Win and Victory Umbrella Fortnite Season 4
First Win and Victory Umbrella Fortnite Season 4

How To Earn The Season 4 Victory Umbrella:

Players only need to triumph in a match in either of the game’s primary modes in either the conventional building modes or Zero Build to obtain the Fortnite: Chapter 3 – Season Victory Umbrella. This implies that you are eligible to obtain the Season 4 Victory Umbrella and store it in your locker if you win in solos, duos, trios, or squads.

Keep in mind that only the core matches count toward receiving the Victory Umbrella; players cannot obtain it by winning LTM or Creative matchups. Additionally, since everyone can acquire the Victory Umbrella for free, you don’t need the Battle Pass to unlock it.

“It’s so bad” – Community members are not impressed with the new Victory Royale Umbrella:

Even if the new Victory Royale Umbrella adheres to the season’s theme, not everyone is wowed by the appearance. The Chrome-theme Umbrella appears to be an upgraded version of “The Umbrella,” according to numerous Twitter users.

The Glider is an umbrella with a simple steel theme that has a very similar appearance. At the beginning of any season, newcomers can obtain it by winning a Victory Royale. Many people are calling the new Umbrella “boring” due to how similar they appear to be in design. What a few disappointed fans have to say is as follows:

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The majority of fans adore the Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 Victory Royale Umbrella, despite the fact that some players may find it underwhelming. A handful of them claim that the Glider is one of the best items ever added to the game and that it goes great with the current season:

It’s crucial to remember that the Victory Royale Umbrellas are free cosmetics even though the item has caused controversy. Sending something to the Locker Archive is an option for those who don’t think it’s good enough. The cosmetic will not function in the main locker after being uploaded, and it will stay hidden until it is deleted from the archive.


A maximum of two hours of downtime are anticipated for Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4. Players can queue up, hot-drop, and engage in combat to win the new Chrome Victory Royale Umbrella once the servers are back online.

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