Smurf Rocket League – Is it Giving Ban?

Smurf Rocket League: Nothing is more unsatisfying than working for an hour to improve your rank in a playlist and make steady progress toward the next major achievement, only to be defeated by a player with no banner or image and skills that are much above what they should be.

You are aware that there are players at your level who are superior to you because this will always be the case, but this is not the issue at hand. The issue is that some people create secondary accounts with the specific intent of playing other players who are lower ranked than themselves, which is lame. We can’t help but wonder why Smurfing—as it is often known—is even a thing.

Smurf Rocket League
Smurf Rocket League

How to Smurf in Rocket League:

Now, it would be quite simple to descend into animosity in this situation, so let’s get it out of the way. We don’t know who wounded you or why this is how you’re coping, but we’re sorry and ready to give you a hug if you need one. Now that the joke—which was a joke—has been cleared up, what could possibly prompt someone to create a Smurf account?

The matchmaking mechanism in Rocket League kind of stinks when it comes to playing with friends at other ranks, which is the first and perhaps most understandable reason. In most Rocket League ranked matches, your opponents will be just as excellent as your top player rather than assembling a team of evenly matched rivals.

This implies that they will need to keep up with other Champs if you’re a low Champ player seeking to bring a Platinum pal into Diamond for the first time. The only way to get around that, other than not playing together in ranked, is to create a new account so you’re no longer the best player on the team. That’s not really something you can fairly expect from most people. By doing so. You can offer some encouragement and support to your friend and perhaps persuade them to stop always whining about their teammates.

Is Smurfing Real:

You simply want to feel alive, which is the other primary explanation we can come up with. Again, a touch vituperative, but the whole thing is awful. We appreciate it and are here for it. We don’t respect Smurfing, though, and it’s extremely clear whenever it does. It also leaves a bad taste in everyone’s mouth.

Smurfing really does exist. It’s not only a matter of playing against opponents who are capable of landing triple flip-resets. That’s a lot worse than getting clipped by the opposite squad, in all honesty. Sometimes, before he has a chance to observe you play, he would start shooting after 5 to 10 seconds. In all honesty, that sums up Platinum.

When you have a sour teammate. Who constantly types out “tm8 garbage” and other rude and wrong behavior. It can be difficult to stay in the game. Sometimes, before he has a chance to observe you play, he would start shooting after 5 to 10 seconds. It is especially annoying when he is unaware of his involvement in goals conceded or his overall inability to plan cunning offensive counterattacks. In all honesty, that sums up Platinum.



Q 1: What is a rocket League Smurf?

Answer 1: Smurfing is prohibited in the rocket league as per the developers. A smurf account. It is one that deliberately abuses the matchmaking process for its owner’s or others’ gains. According to the definition. A Smurf Account. For example, creating a different account just to annoy others. Purposefully retaining an account at a lower Rank than where you usually play.

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