Musty Rocket league: Camera Settings and More

Musty Rocket League: One of the more well-liked games for esports events is Rocket League and with good reason. There are many mechanics to learn and movements to master in this game, so even the fastest and most expert players will find themselves put to the test.

Having a nice setup and the appropriate abilities can enhance your experience in Rocket League. Many players have attempted to improve themselves by studying Musty’s videos and learning from what he does. He is one example of someone who possesses both. Even the settings he employs have gained some popularity to the extent that he has made them public for viewers to see. Examining Musty’s Rocket League camera settings will reveal what Musty employs.

Musty Rocket league
Musty Rocket league

About Musty Rocket League

YouTuber and Twitch streamer Musty is well-known for his Rocket League videos. He is recognized as one of the top Rocket League players and has a devoted following on Twitch and Youtube. In 2021, he will begin his professional career by joining The General NRG. He is also credited with creating the musty flick, an original maneuver.
He has achieved success as a professional Rocket League player by taking home two first-place finishes in Twitch Rivals competitions and a second-place finish in his most recent Rivals competition. The mustyteers, Musty’s own team, were founded in 2020, however, they folded after roughly a month.

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Camera Settings Explained

Here is how each setting functions for newbie players who are unfamiliar with Rocket League’s camera configuration or for folks who don’t give it much thought.

Camera Shake:

controls, among other settings, how much the camera shakes when you hit a ball or drive about. It isn’t a suitable setting to use if you want to perform better because it offers no special advantages and can be somewhat distracting. I concur with professional Rocket League players who say that it isn’t beneficial and should be turned off.

Field of View:

The amount of space you can see at once varies depending on the FOV. You will be able to see more of the surroundings if it is wider. Musty is an exception to the rule, albeit he prefers to bring his FOV down somewhat. Professional players typically turn their FOV up to the maximum so they can see more of the arena while they drive about. I’ve never strayed from the default setting.


The distance between the screen and the car is adjustable. Your car will be farther away from the screen if you turn it up, and the opposite is true. You must be certain of the Distance setting you want because it affects how your automobile aligns with the ball. For a better view of their surroundings, professional players prefer to turn it up. In part because I can see my car better, I’m accustomed to it being a little closer and prefer it that way.

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how tall is your camera? The camera will be farther away from the car if it is turned up. Because it will be too distant from the car and harder to line up images, it is best to avoid turning the camera height up too much. The positives seem to be in the 90–110 range; however, this setting seems to be a little less stable and more based on individual preference. Although I don’t play with the goal of becoming a professional, I appreciate the default setting.


your car’s position in relation to the camera. The camera will either turn upwards toward the arena or lower itself to gaze more closely at the car, depending on where it is positioned. Avoid having an excessively high or low angle. Professional players typically set their angle between -3 and -5, which is on the higher end. I’ve never altered the default option for my camera angle.

Ball Cam:

a video recorder that follows the ball as you play. The majority of pros believe that toggling it rather than holding it is preferable, although how they utilize it varies; musty, for instance, frequently toggle it on and off while playing. Although I typically like to leave it on, switching has some advantages.


Rocket League offers a distinct dynamic when it comes to setting options, but it also depends on technique and personal preference. Musty is a Rocket League pro who, like many other players, swears by particular setting selections and uses his talent with them to win games. Perhaps you’ll like his settings and adopt them over time, or you can use them as a starting point to create a system that appeals to you. In any case, I hope you gained some knowledge!

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