Land On The Island Fortnite

Land On The Island Fortnite: Each Fortnite match begins with players hopping off the Battle Bus and landing on the island. They typically stay on the ground for the duration of the game once they step foot there. However, because mobility is so important to the game, loopers frequently redeploy and reposition themselves in order to gain an advantage.

Redeploying does not always go as expected, but most of the time everything works out. There are undoubtedly plenty of options for redeployment in Chapter 3 Season 3. Players always have a way to get away from opponents, according to the design team.

The creators have created a fun Fortnite challenge for loopers to fulfill in light of this. They only need to land three times in a single match to earn 15,000 XP. This is more easily said than accomplished, though, given certain constraints.

Land On The Island Fortnite
Land On The Island Fortnite

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Here’s how To Land Three Times and Ace It in Fortnite Chapter 3:

Loopers can redeploy in a few different ways given the island’s topology. However, there is a specific pattern that must be followed in order to complete the challenge swiftly while avoiding elimination. Even while there is a considerable risk, skilled players ought to be able to manage it.

Players must first land at Reality Falls to begin. They should try to aim for the Reality Tree itself and land on its branches instead of landing on the ground, as this will count as one landing. Players must locate a Bouncy Slurpshroom in order to redeploy.

Some of them are on top of the branches of the Reality Tree. The player can use the Reality Tree’s upward draught to launch himself into the air by stepping on one, which will fling them into the air. Players may redeploy and land once again after reaching a certain height.

Players can either re-land on the Reality Tree and perform the procedure a third time, or they can utilize a Geyser in its place. Finding one won’t be difficult because there are several of these close to Reality Falls.

The only thing left to do is wait for a geyser to erupt after it has been discovered. Players will be thrown into the air, where they can safely re-deploy three times before landing to complete this challenge. It would be good to accomplish this assignment as quickly as possible and rotate out of the region because the POI observes high traffic during matches.

Things to Remember While Redeploying in Fortnite:

In Fortnite, there are two methods to redeploy: either by being restarted or by taking off into the air. The latter choice is always, without a doubt, the best choice. However, redeploying can be hazardous because a proficient sniper could shoot players out of the sky.

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Players must maneuver in a zigzag pattern while redeploying their glider and search for the quickest way to the ground to avoid these situations. If there are any nearby trees or buildings, you can use them as cover. Opponents won’t be able to deliver a fatal blow as long as they don’t have a direct line of sight.


Last but not least, there are instances in which it is preferable to miss the goal entirely than to spend too much time in the air. Players can easily complete the remaining distance without being fired at by opponents on the ground thanks to the Sprint mechanism.

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