Free Fire OB36 Update: Features, new Characters new Modes Weapons and More

Free Fire OB36 Update: Features, new Characters new Modes Weapons, and More: Features of the Free Fire OB36 Update: New Characters, Weapons, Modes, and More The anticipation for the next Free Fire OB36 Update is always at an all-time high.

As the update in a few days approaches, players are eager to get their hands on the things that will be included in the game. Advance Server is now running, giving a select group of users access to the newest features. What users may anticipate from the next Free Fire MAX OB36 Update is shown below.

Before releasing each update, the engineers incorporate the Advance Server to obtain feedback from a select group of users. The Advance Server started a few days ago. It will be offered till September 9, 2022. Users having the Activation Code are able to try out the newest features during this time. Players will be able to report issues or malfunctions after going through them. Gamers that submit successful reports can also get free gems.

Free Fire OB36 Update
Free Fire OB36 Update

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Free Fire OB36 Update Features

The next OB36 Update is anticipated to perform at least as well as the current one. Many data miners have already begun disseminating some of the items that will be included in the OB36 Update. According to sources, a new weapon called the Treatment Laser Gun will be accessible in Clash Squad and Battle Royale. Additionally, the continuing Advance Server will include Coin Clash mode.

Free Fire OB36 Update Early Patch Notes

The most recent episode of Garena’s animated chat show, Kelly Show S03 E05: Birthday Girl, was uploaded to their YouTube page. The following characteristics have been given a thorough overview:

The most latest map to be included in Free Fire has advanced features like the Anti-Gravity zone and Magic Portals in specific locations. This map is Nexterra. The map was included with the previous OB35 release, and it will be made accessible for the challenging 4 vs. 4 Clash Squad game mode in the next OB36 update.

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Weapon Upgrade in Clash Squad Store

In the typical BR mode, players must use the money they receive at the end of each round to buy weapons from the store. The developers will add a new feature to the shop that will let players upgrade their weapons similarly to how they can do so with their armor in order to give more variety and depth to the gameplay.

Free Fire OB36 Update Season 15 rewards:

Free Fire Clash Squad Season 15 will kick off on patch day, i.e., 21 September 2022. As always, the developers have set a reward for the golden gun skin for players reaching Gold 3 i.e., The Golden XM8.

Free Fire OB36 Update New Weapons:

With the release of the Free Fire OB36 update, Garena will introduce new weaponry including the Gloo Melter Grenade and the Treatment Laser Gun. Like other healing items in the battle royale game, the former will give the ability to heal allies in addition to dealing harm to enemies. The second change will make it possible for people to more successfully combat Gloo Walls.

Weapon Adjustment:

The developers make tweaks to preserve the balance of firearms with each update. The stats of the following guns will be adjusted in the upcoming OB36 update:

  • VSS III (Nerf)
  • VSS II (Nerf)
  • PARAFAL (Buff)
  • Plasma gun (Buff)

The exact details of the changes will only be available after the release of the patch notes.


In the meantime, Zombie Invasion will make a triumphant comeback with all-new features. So, these are some of the things that will be delivered. Added content will be added to the game as a result of the new update. Before the formal release of the update, patch notes will be made available. So pay attention.

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